GoodBelly sponsors probiotics documentary

GoodBelly sponsors probiotics documentary

Probiotic drink manufacturer partners with Health Point Productions for “Microwarriors” special edition film narrated by Leonard Nimoy.

Beginning this month, consumers walking down the aisle at their local grocery store may not see Leonard Nimoy in person but there's a good chance they'll see his name on hundreds of cartons and packages of GoodBelly's Probiotic Juice Drinks.   

It's all part of a marketing and promotional campaign to create awareness for a new Documentary Film called, "MicroWarriors" The Power of Probiotics. The specially tagged items will be available in more than 4,500 natural and grocery retailers nationwide according to Executive Producer David Knight.

“We’re thrilled about our partnership with ‘MicroWarriors’ featuring cutting-edge, expert information on probiotics in an exciting docuseries format,” said Alan Murray, CEO of GoodBelly. “We’re dedicated to helping people understand the importance of probiotics for overall health, and are confident that our partnership will help advance public knowledge about why these good bacteria are so essential. It’s a joy to be working with an icon like Leonard Nimoy. We applaud his efforts in spreading awareness of probiotics and the importance of maintaining good health.”

“With all the confusion and myths surrounding probiotics today, I'm very pleased to be directing this landmark film,” said Adam Nimoy. “This informative and insightful film will explore the world of probiotics and feature special segments on "Probiotics and Children's Health" and "Probiotics and Your Pet’s Health".

“MicroWarriors: The Power of Probiotics-Special Edition” is available for purchase through Swanson's Health Products at 800.824.4491.

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