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Lallemand launches Health Solutions division

Lallemand launches Health Solutions division
New entity consolidates the internationally recognized probiotic manufacturers Institut Rosell and Harmonium International.

Lallemand Inc. is pleased to announce the birth of its new division, Lallemand Health Solutions. This new entity consolidates the internationally recognized probiotic manufacturers Institut Rosell and Harmonium International. Collectively, they possess close to a century of probiotic expertise in the selection, development, production and marketing of probiotic strains, and formulations that support human health and well-being.

Lallemand Health Solutions will be dedicated in bringing to its customers, which span from the food supplement to the pharmaceutical industries, the highest quality probiotic solutions produced within current GMP and ISO 9001 environments. Thanks to its fully integrated offer, Lallemand Health Solutions is a unique probiotic player in the global arena that can provide its customers and partners solutions from fermentation and lyophilization all the way to finished product capabilities—a true one-stop-shop probiotic solutions provider.

The new division, headquartered in Montreal, Canada, is managed by Mrs. Francine Mondou, former cofounder and president of Harmonium International, and is covering more than 30 countries across five continents ready to service your probiotic needs.

Lallemand Health Solutions, recognized also as LHS, offers a full line of ready-to-market probiotic formulas such as LACIDOFIL®, PROBIO’KID®, PRIOBIO’STICK® and PROTECFLOR® can also design, develop and produce custom formulations based on the documented ROSELL®, LAFTI® or HARMONIUM® strains. Such formulations can also include premium vitamin and mineral yeasts or β-glucans, developed and produced by the Lallemand group under the LALMIN® brand. All formulations can be delivered in bulk powder or finished product formats such as: capsules, tablets, sachets, sticks, and bottles.

From the lab to shelf, Lallemand Health Solutions controls the overall manufacturing process of its products. Our probiotic strains and formulas are produced in-house in one of our many bacteria and yeast production facilities available at the Lallemand Group to ensure customers are receiving the highest quality standard of probiotic formulations.


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