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Natural Products Expo

The 32 NEXTY Award winners for Natural Products Expo West 2019

Gallery-The 32 NEXTY Award winners for Natural Products Expo West 2019

These products stood out to judges for meeting the criteria of innovation, inspiration and integrity.

At every Natural Products Expo, we recognize a few dozen products that stand out to a panel of industry judges, as well as New Hope Network’s content team, NEXT data and insights team, standards team and marketing team. Exhibiting brands nominate their products prior to Expo West and samples are sent to the New Hope Network office in Boulder, Colorado.

For our standard B2B NEXTY Awards, the products are judged in a two-tiered process. In round one, New Hope Network editors whittle hundreds of nominees down to a select group of finalists across 23 categories. From there, 23 products—one from each category—were selected as winners.

Other branches of the NEXTY Awards are the NEXTY Consumer Choice Awards, the NEXTY Editors' Choice Awards and the NEXTY Gold Awards. The NEXTY Consumer Choice winners are determined based on targeted consumer feedback from 1,000 consumers who sample the product and then provide ratings in a follow-up survey. The NEXTY Editors' Choice winners are selected and voted upon by New Hope Networks content team, standards team, and NEXT Data & Insights team on the final day of Natural Products Expo. The highest tier NEXTY Gold Awards are given to a select few brands that impress us year after year with their NEXTY nominations, and are awarded once per year at the Hall of Legends ceremony at Natural Products Expo West. 

The NEXTY Award winners, NEXTY Consumer Choice Award winners, and NEXTY Editors' Choice Award winners were surprised at their booths this week at Natural Products Expo West and have risen to the tier of NEXTY Awards stardom.

And the 32 Expo West 2019 NEXTY Award winners are...

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