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Natural Products Expo

6 new condiments, sauces and nut butter faves you'll spot at Natural Products Expo East

Gallery-6 new condiments, sauces and nut butter faves you'll spot at Natural Products Expo East

Condiments, sauces and nut butters continue to be hot categories, and we've seen many interesting new product launches over the past couple months. Here are a few NFM editors' top picks launching at Natural Products Expo East.

As one of the smaller categories in grocery, it has been fun to watch the exponential growth in condiments, spreads and sauces over the past few years as it catches up with market trends. So it’s no surprise that the drivers of growth in this category are similar to what is happening in other categories. Plant-based and allergen-free are bringing new butters, spreads and sauces onto shelves, while special diets such as keto and Paleo are serving up modified versions of old standbys such as ketchup and Teriyaki sauce.

And, if there’s is one thing we’ve learned about millennials, it’s that they love their flavors. They want access to a global cuisine even if it’s in their own kitchen—hence, from sriracha sauce to hummus and curry, new products are ensuring that palettes never get bored.

Of course, convenience is the other essential element. Consumers today want to cook in a jiffy, with fast access to flavors at home or on-the-go. These new condiments help us access the spices of India or Africa without having to spend hours creating it ourselves, while new packaging ensures that we can even take oils and sauces with us to work or camping.

It’s a brave new world when it comes to this category, and we’re loving it!

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