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Bye-bye, Choco Taco; hello, healthy indulgence

10 better-for-you, natural and fudgy alternatives to fill the Choco Taco void!

After 39 years, Klondike is discontinuing the beloved and classic Choco Taco.

The folded waffle-cone shell—with its vanilla and fudge-swirled interior and chocolate-and-peanut coating—has been an ice cream truck favorite for years. The sweet and rich treat has been adored by kids and adults alike.

However, an opposing viewpoint regarding the Choco Taco's being discontinued has emerged: The Choco Taco did not impress many to begin with. Believing that it was a mediocre, poor-quality and disappointing snack, some people never gave the sugary snack a second thought until Klondike's recent announcement.  

While many will miss the novelty treat, they are in luck: It's not hard to find several better-for-you options, with natural ingredients, to satisfy the cravings that come with hearing the classic jingle playing down the street. Sweet indulgences from popsicles to sandwiches are sure to delight even the pickiest eater, as they are not overly sugary and are made with better quality ingredients.

Click through the gallery to see what chocolate novelty ice cream treats New Hope Network found for consumers looking to replace the Choco Taco.

(Editor's note: Some news organizations report that Klondike will bring back the Choco Taco "in the coming years.")

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