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AIDP enters food market at IFT

AIDP enters food market at IFT
Functional ingredients leader launches “Good Science Makes Great Food” campaign, holds press conference to highlight sprouted brown rice protein.

AIDP has been a leading manufacturer of ingredients for the supplement industry for many years. Recently, the company has begun gaining recognition for ingredients in the health and wellness industry, including functional foods and beverages. AIDP is making its first big splash into the food industry with its attendance at the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Show, July 14 to 16 in Chicago. Exhibiting at booth # 3102, AIDP will be featuring Gabiotein™, a proprietary sprouted brown rice protein, and Magtein ™, a patented research-based ingredient for cognitive health. AIDP will be sampling delicious chocolate truffles made with Magtein and snack bars made with Gabiotein.

AIDP will host a press conference titled “Sprouted Brown Rice Protein: Nature’s Protein Powerhouse,” on Monday, July 15, at 3 to 3:45 p.m. in Room S102d at the McCormick Center, spotlighting the burgeoning protein industry and its versatile protein power source, Gabiotein. The press conference moderator is Kimberly Lord Stewart, currently director of content for Modern Healthcare Professional and contributing food editor for Denver Life Magazine and CBS Denver. She is former editor-in-chief of Functional Ingredients and executive editor of Natural Foods Merchandiser. Stewart’s book,Eating Between the Lines, the supermarket shopper’s guide to truth behind food labels, has been featured in USA Today Weekend, Wall Street Journal Smart Money and others. She will be signing books in the AIDP booth, #3102.

Within the booming fortified functional foods industry, companies are clamoring to ride the protein wave. AIDP’s Gabiotein sprouted brown rice protein is ideal for today’s food market in that it addresses numerous issues: continually rising costs of other protein sources, a growing vegan market, and growing awareness of whey, soy protein, and other foods that lead to allergies and sensitivities. Sprouting enhances nutritional benefits, such as providing a complete protein source, as well as other benefits over conventional rice protein. Rice protein has been shown to have similar muscle-building capabilities as whey protein.

In addition to the Gabiotein, AIDP will be showcasing Magtein™ (magnesium l-threonate), an ingredient for cognitive and brain health, featuring the only magnesium form on the market that effectively crosses the blood brain barrier to improve the brain neuron density. It is ideal for people with anxiety and stress, and is effective for relaxation and sleep. Magtein is self-affirmed GRAS, completely soluble in water, odorless, colorless and tasteless. It is also non-GMO certified.

“We’ve had great success in the supplement market, and feel that our ingredients have tremendous potential in the food industry,” says Kathy Lund, vice president of marketing and business development. “We will be showcasing a few of our most promising ingredients at the IFT conference, offering samples of prepared foods containing Gabiotein and Magtein. It’s an exciting leap for AIDP.”

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