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AIDP nails top trends at SSW

AIDP offers protein magnesium encapsuation innovations
Protein is hot, hot, hot; demand for cognitive health ingredients is stronger than ever; new delivery trends are prompting formulation innovations. 

The buzz at the 2013 Supply Side West echoed trends in the industry: protein is hot, hot, hot; and the demand for cognitive health ingredients is stronger than ever. In addition, new delivery trends are posing formulation challenges that require companies to provide not only product innovation but formulation solutions. 

Since its launch of Gabiotein™ sprouted brown rice protein, AIDP has been inundated with requests for plant-based formulation solutions. At Supply Side West, which took place in Las Vegas Nov. 13 to 15, the company put the spotlight on the protein industry, hosting Kim Stewart, a recognized book author and journalist specializing in the functional ingredients industry, and Kantha Shelke, PhD, a food scientist and consultant to the ingredients, supplements and functional foods industry, for a standing room only presentation offering insights into the protein market.

The ongoing global demand for alternative protein sources provides a huge market for formulators, particularly “emerging proteins” such as non-soy and dairy-free, vegan alternatives, and high protein meal replacements and sports beverages. The market for brown rice protein alone is predicted to grow 37 percent globally in the next five years, in fact 19 percent of all new product claims in 2012 were high protein (Mintel, Jan 2013). Gabiotein meets the huge growing demand for consumers with specialized diets including vegan, gluten-free, non-dairy and non-soy alternatives, using the world’s leading combined-enzyme method in compliance with GMP requirements and FDA standards. In addition to Gabiotein, AIDP introduced a proprietary highly purified pea protein, a clean plant-based protein ideal for all types of food and beverages.

Under the protein umbrella, collagen is a growing segment. AIDP’s KoACT® for bone health, KollagGenII-xs™ for joint health, and Instagen, a line of soluble collagen products, garnered much interest at Supply Side West.

Sharing the spotlight with protein was cognitive health, a booming market due to more people aging and living longer in the U.S. Dr. Guosong Liu, the principal investigator in the groundbreaking study on Magtein™, a patented magnesium l-threonate compound formula for cognitive health, was guest of honor at the AIDP booth, discussing the very promising results in the animal studies, and offering a sneak peak at the human clinical studies results to be announced in 2014.

Formulation challenges were a key discussion point at Supply Side West, particularly with so many delivery options available. AIDP prides itself of providing solutions for formulation challenges, as was exhibited in the Formulations Solution Center featured at the booth. TastiMin was introduced as a mineral formulation that overcomes the poor taste profile and grit associated with so many mineral formulations. And enVantec™’s micro-encapsulation technology offers stability and solubility without undesirable gelatins, preservatives and genetically modified ingredients, in a high-solubility formulation that allows for immediate dispersion in clear beverages and nutraceuticals.

“We’re right on trend with the demands for functional ingredients, and are continually focusing on developing meaningful new products and formulating solutions for health and wellness,” says Kathy Lund, vice president of marketing and business development at AIDP. “Our commitment is to providing quality, well- researched ingredients that fit a need in the marketplace and are commercially successful for the supplement and functional food industry.


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