AIFN; Japanese Industry Organization Seeks Overseas Companies and Organizations to Join as Global Members

The Association of International Foods & Nutrition (“AIFN”), a trade organization of the dietary/food supplements based in Tokyo, Japan is pleased to announce that the organization opens the door to membership for companies, industry organizations or individuals who do not have a representative office in Japan to become Global Members.

AIFN, formerly known as NNFA Japan, and its members have been committed to pursuing a sound development of the dietary/food supplements market in Japan to ensure consumer satisfaction and quality assurance for products since 1999. And AIFN is also only one executive committee member industry from Japan in IADSA (International Alliances of Dietary/Food Supplement Associations). As a part of its missions, the organization advocates “Health GDP” theory* for the realization of a healthy society.

A broad range of activities of AIFN includes the collaborative partnership with 2 leading U.S. trade associations; CRN-US (Council for Responsible Nutrition) and NPA (Natural Products Association). The purpose and commitment of this alliance is the deregulation of the market and realization of fundamental law of dietary/food supplements. From a global perspective, AIFN will provide its service to the members.

Global Members are entitled to receive a Japanese industry newsletter providing new products information, market news, legal and regulatory information twice a month and other optional services such as regulation advices and support of business tie-up**. The annual fee for membership is $600. For more information and application, please visit

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