Biogin Biochemicals Obtains AlaLife(TM) Flax Lignan Patent

On March 13th 2008, Company Biogin Biochemicals received a patent (Patent No.200810044973.X) regarding AlalifeTM Flax Lignan in China.

The patent deals with Alalife’s unique technology protection, and it also consists of AlaLife’s interrelated uses protections. This will further strengthen and consolidate the AlaLife Brand status in the international market, boosting trusts and support from the all users of the AlaLife Brand.

AlaLifeTM Flax Lignans is a standardized flaxseed extract with high quality lignans-secoisolariciresinol diglucoside (SDG).

BioGin is a leading manufacturer, researcher, developer, and marketer for nutritional ingredients, Food ingredients and pharmaceutical ingredients. We work for many pharmaceutical companies, OTC, dietary supplement companies, the Functional Food and Cosmetic Industries worldwide.

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