Citizens for Health Mobilizes in Support of H.R. 6168

Washington, D.C.--Citizens for Health commends Representative Christopher Cannon (R-UT) for introducing H.R. 6168, the Dietary Supplement and Nonprescription Drug Consumer Protection Act (the House counterpart to the bill that passed the Senate this week).

This bill will require manufacturers to notify the FDA of all serious adverse events (AEs) for over-the-counter (OTC) drugs and dietary supplements reported to them.

[Editor's note: industry organizations that wish to blast the action campaign out to their consumer lists may use the following link:]

"This is a very important piece of legislation that advances consumer interests within a safe, credible dietary supplement marketplace," says attorney James S. Turner, chairman of the board of consumer health grassroots powerhouse, Citizens for Health.

Citizens for Health has a history of not only backing the right legislation—but of also powerfully opposing bills that would have hurt consumers and the industry, such as 2004’s Senate Amendment 3225, a 2004 piece of legislation that would have set an unacceptable precedent that could have undermined the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA). Citizens for Health generated 25,000 letters to Congress on this, and the bill was withdrawn.

Today, joining with other consumer groups, trade associations—including the Council for Responsible Nutrition and the Natural Products Association—and industry companies (such as Jarrow Formulas) in support of H.R. 6168—Citizens for Health also thanks the dietary supplement industry for having worked hard over the years by working hard to voluntarily log and submit the comparatively small number of

serious adverse events (side effects) that may (or may not) have been definitively associated with the use of dietary supplements but which have been submitted in good faith, regardless.

Not only does the bill show a serious commitment to consumer safety and protection by the dietary supplement industry—it also includes appropriate safeguards so that unjustified burdens are not placed on responsible companies. It emphasizes how well-regulated the dietary supplement industry actually is and how committed supplement companies already are to safety and to making the existing regulations work more effectively.

The bottom line: H.R. 6168 supports existing legislation and provides additional consumer safety protections while also protecting responsible dietary supplement companies from unjustified burdens.

Citizens for Health applauds the passage of the Senate counterpart of H.R. 6168 this week and looks forward to the passage of H.R. 6168 by this Sunday, if not before.

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Contact: James S. Turner, Esq. 202-462-8800

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