CRN Updates Code of Ethics, Reinforces Importance of Industry Self-Regulation

The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) today announced its members will be asked to adhere to a revised Code of Ethics recently adopted by the association’s Board of Directors.

“In addition to following government regulations—those things they must do—responsible industries must also observe self-regulation—those things they should do and hold each other accountable to—in order for the industry to thrive. Self-regulation is a sign of a mature industry, an industry that demonstrates to consumers that it stands behind its products,” said Steve Mister, president and CEO, CRN. “Our member companies have been leaders in encouraging appropriate regulation for the supplement industry by lobbying for mandatory reporting of serious adverse events, urging publication of FDA’s new Good Manufacturing Practices, and financially supporting a self-regulatory advertising program through the National Advertising Division (NAD). It made good sense for us to re-evaluate our Code of Ethics now and helps remind us of the importance of self-regulation.”

CRN first adopted a Code of Ethics in March 1985, and the Code was revised in June 2004. The most recent revisions to the Code of Ethics were adopted at the March 6, 2008 Board of Directors’ meeting for implementation by January 2009.

According to Mr. Mister, “Although the core remains unchanged, we’ve streamlined the Code to succinctly focus on six principles which encourage the highest ethics for companies in dealing with their customers, suppliers, competitors, regulators and consumers in order to foster consumer confidence.

The revised Code provides broad guidance to companies, allowing them flexibility in developing the type of programs, practices and solutions that respond to those principles identified in the Code and assure their companies’ conformance to these tenets.”

Although the association’s Code of Ethics is a voluntary program, all CRN members are asked to pledge commitment to the Code when they renew their membership or join CRN. The revised Code of Ethics goes into effect January 1, 2009, and will be posted on the CRN website at that time.

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