M2 Formulex Inc. to offer complete biodegradable food packaging solution in North America

M2 Formulex Inc. is pleased to announce the introduction of a complete range of 100% Biodegradable and Compostable Packaging products for the food industry in North America. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, and having affiliate offices in New York and Minnesota, M2 has invested three years in researching the market potential for earth-friendly packaging, sourcing and qualifying overseas manufacturers of biodegradable packaging products, and securing reliable distribution in North America.

Steve Johnston, M2's Manager of Business Development, stated "Biodegradable Packaging made from annually-renewable resources has been available in Asia and Europe for a number of years and is only now beginning to garner interest from North America. Our challenge in bringing a complete packaging solution to market was a significant one. We were faced with the task of sourcing and qualifying suppliers who could deliver quality biodegradable packaging products that offered functionality that is comparable or superior to traditional packaging, on a consistent basis, at a competitive cost, and with the necessary biodegradability / compostability certifications. We feel confident that we have finally achieved this."

M2's biodegradable offering includes a wide variety of fiber-based trays, containers and clamshells (available in color) for foodservice, retail-packaged meat/poultry and produce, frozen entrees and prepared foods; cling film (overwrapping food) which is safe for food contact, as well as biodegradable cutlery for foodservice and take-home, made from corn. All products are moisture resistant, oil resistant, heat resistant, freezer-safe, competitively priced and fully certified as biodegradable / compostable. A number of high profile customers have already placed orders, including a leading global auto manufacturer for its sizeable cafeteria operation.

"The response to our complete packaging solution has been very favorable and interest to-date has been tremendous" says Johnston. "It's clear the North American market is now ready for earth-friendly packaging, and the ever-increasing cost of traditional, petroleum-based packaging is allowing us to offer this functional, sustainable and price-stable alternative at a competitive cost for the very first time."

Steve Johnston and M2 (www.m2formulex.com) can be reached in Canada at 1-800-821-8995, Ext. 223. In the U.S., interested parties can contact Michael Crane at 1-646-498-9992.

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