New testing patent granted to Albion Advanced Nutrition

December 2006, St. Clair Shores, Michigan – Human Products Division:

Albion Advanced Nutrition, the world’s leader in mineral amino acid chelate technology has just been granted another US patent that relates to the field of mineral amino acid chelate technology. The patent is US Patent # 7,144,737, and it is entitled “Process for determining the percent chelation in a dry mixture”. By following the process of this patent, which involves FT-IR expertise, one can determine the presence of a chelate, as well as the percent of the mineral that is actually chelated in a dry powder. This testing procedure has been through the AOAC single laboratory validation protocol, and is in the process of being published in the AOAC officially recognized guidelines for testing this ingredient form. This is the first and only single laboratory process that can be used to determine the amount of mineral in a mineral amino acid chelate powder that is chelated to the amino acid ligand.

For more information on this procedure, please contact Albion Advanced Nutrition at 800-222-0733, or at

Max R. Motyka, Director Human Products Division

100 Maple Park Blvd., Suite 110, St. Clair Shores, MI 48081

(800) 222-0733 (586) 774-9055

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