NPNZ welcomes introduction of Supplemented Food Standard

Natural Products New Zealand welcomes the changes to the Dietary Supplements Regulations Act 1985, whereby food type dietary supplements will now be regulated by the New Zealand Food (Supplemented Food) Standard 2010.

The Supplemented Food Standard will be administered by New Zealand Food Safety Authority, with responsibility for the DSR moving back to the Ministry of Health.

“The changes mean that the regulation of natural health products in New Zealand will no longer fall in ‘no man’s land’, says Michelle Palmer, Executive Director Natural Products New Zealand. “This is a positive move by the Government to fill the gap until a robust regulatory authority can be put into place for natural health products in New Zealand.”

Changes announced yesterday include an increase in the maximum level of Folic Acid permitted in dietary supplements, from 300 micrograms to 500 micrograms, aligning New Zealand with many other countries in the world including the United Kingdom and Australia.

The addition of folic acid to the diet by way of dietary supplements is a convenient and effective way to meet the unique nutritional needs of women planning pregnancy. “The supplement is most successful when it is taken before a woman becomes pregnant as well as during the pregnancy, and now the target population can purchase the correct dose over the counter,” says Ms Palmer.

The changes to the DSR are viewed by NPNZ as a step in the right direction and the natural products industry looks forward to the Government implementing a more realistic regulation for natural health products in the future.


Note: Natural Products New Zealand (NPNZ) represents over 80% of the Natural Products industry. Based on a survey of wholesale and retail
sales information, export data and industry surveys, NPNZ’s members make up the overwhelming majority of the natural products industry in
terms of product lines, turnover, employment and exports

For more information contact
Michelle Palmer, Executive Director of Natural Products New Zealand
P: +64 3 577 8676
F: +64 3 577 8626
E: [email protected]

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