United States and Paraguay Governments Sign Investment Agreement for Stevia Development

In recognition of the significant commercial and social development opportunities that stevia cultivation and extraction offer regional development, Paraguay Vende, the economic growth program of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in conjunction with the government of Paraguay, have signed a cooperation and mutual investment agreement with global stevia firm, PureCircle, to promote the cultivation of stevia in the south of Paraguay.

The technical assistance of the Economic Service Center South Corridor of Paraguay Vende to the company PureCircle South America SA begins with a diagnosis and a business plan, and focuses on assisting in the formation of production basins of Ka'a he'e (Stevia) in the Department of Itapua. To this end, the South Corridor seeks to contract and assume the costs of specialized advisers and consultants.

PureCircle Corporate VP of Supply Chain Dorn Wenninger said, “This is a very significant development for the Reb A and stevia industries. The decision by USAID and the government of Paraguay to select and invest with PureCircle, illustrates the enormous commercial opportunities and socioeconomic benefits that stevia cultivation is bringing to South America. This is a very proud and significant day for stevia in the region.”

The signing of the agreement was to be attended by the Governor of Itapúa, Mr. John Afara and the Secretary of Production and Regional Development, Ing. Lucio Cañete. Representing PureCircle South America S.A., Mr. Fernando Gonzalez, and in representation of Paraguay Vende, Reinaldo Penner.

About PureCircle
PureCircle is a pioneer in the extraction of natural goodness from plants and the world’s leading producer of high-purity Rebaudioside A (Reb A), with a vertically integrated supply chain operating in three continents. PureCircle markets a range of natural, high-intensity sweeteners internationally. Activities range from sourcing of dry stevia leaves and extraction, refining of crude extracts into sweeteners and marketing of these sweeteners to food and beverage manufacturers worldwide. PureCircle is listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM market with the ticker symbol: LSE.PURE. For more information, visit www.purecircle.com

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