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Unlock the top 5 ways to be retail-ready for Amazon

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By now, new and established brands are certainly keen to launching and growing a company on Amazon, but how do you stand out? Learn how to harness the power of the platform by tuning in to the on-demand version of our latest BrandCamp webinar.

Are you looking for ways to strengthen your presence on Amazon and grow sales? Our April BrandCamp webinar, Amazon and Beyond: Course Correcting Your Online Strategy, features five key tips for succeeding and scaling on the platform, from product image best practices to leveraging Amazon paid search and delivery service partners (DSP). The episode lead, Brad Saksons of OMNi ePartners, is an e-commerce advertising strategist and digital media rainmaker with over 10 years’ experience executing cutting-edge marketing strategies across multiple digital channels.

With a constantly evolving marketplace, your omnichannel strategy needs constant refining. In the April 17 episode of BrandCamp, Brad unlocks these top five secrets to success for creating Amazon retail-ready brands. You can learn this key tactical advice for only $30 on-demand. So, what are you waiting for?

Watch today to:

  1. Understand how to take advantage of Amazon’s search algorithm to prioritize details on your page content (never underestimate the power of a good title!).
  2. Learn product title and image do’s and dont’s to improve customer experience; learn from best-in-class examples.
  3. Find out how to create an A+ content page for online and offline conversion.
  4. Find out how to stand out, leveraging Amazon paid search and Amazon DSP.
  5. Learn how to re-market to lost consumers and gain market share.

I'm in for BrandCamp on-demand!

BrandCamp logoTune in to our May episode (also only $30) to learn why email marketing is more important than ever for natural products brands. Join us as Justin Perkins, vice president of strategic partnerships at Care2, shares a peek at the Care2 playbook that has helped build a 50-million-person audience, as well as tactics you can start implementing to raise your email marketing game.

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