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Retailer Roundtable: What store goals are you pursuing in 2015?

Retailer Roundtable: What store goals are you pursuing in 2015?
Leaders in the natural foods industry across the country set high standards for their businesses in 2015. Which ones do you resonate with? 

Ed Gruvman

Partner in Nutrition S’Mart based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 

Challenges for 2015 are many! Increased competition is one of them, which puts pressure on  pricing, which affects margins. I believe the key to success in our industry (well, in any industry) is to go back to basics: by paying attention to our customers’ needs by refining the art of listening; by understanding every aspect of our business (as you cannot change what you do not know); by regularly conducting category management; by buying the right product from the right source at the right price point in only the necessary quantities; by keeping our store updated and by ensuring that our employees receive the necessary education to be able to continue to assist the needs of our customers. These are our goals for 2015.


Stephanie Jones

General manager of Choices Natural Market in Rockford, Illinois 

We plan to expand our selection and customer service to better serve our community through more community involvement, becoming more involved in ways that reflect the mission of the store and the values of our employees. That includes serving our community with integrity, choosing the best-quality, healthiest products available at good prices and then educating and engaging on core issues such as what Fair Trade, non-GMO, organic and local mean.


Joan Johnson

Co-owner of of Sunspot Natural Market in Kokomo and West Lafayette, Indiana

Our 2015 goals include increasing staff involvement in supplement training programs and the ongoing elimination of foods containing GMOs in our store and beyond, through education, shelf talkers and maintaining store product standards. 


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