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New condition-specific supplements address shifting consumer needs

Women’s health and beauty from within are increasingly hot topics, but sleep, brain and gut health are reliable perennials. Take a look at these new products.

Douglas Brown, Senior Retail Reporter

April 3, 2024

Now that we’ve covered the broad commercial contours of the supplements industry, it’s time to examine conditions—the reasons for which most people buy certain supplements. Understanding the primary array of conditions is important for retail staff. Solid and ongoing education about conditions, combined with knowledge about supplement categories, provides staff with the tools they need to engage in fruitful customer service.

Nutrition Business Journal characterizes the entire marketplace by 22 conditions; some generate modest sales, while others tend to carry the herbs and botanicals category. The eight condition-specific sectors detailed here are particularly popular at the moment, based on sales and growth.

Left, Gaia Herbs Infinity Glow vegan capsules help clear skin in adult women. Rootine: Focus Brain Support Drink Mix provides adaptogens to address issues such as brain fog, focus, mental energy, productivity and mood.

Beauty from within includes products like B vitamins, collagen and hyaluronic acid that consumers ingest, rather than slather on their bodies, to improve skin, hair and nails. Increasingly, beauty-from-within supplements feature probiotics or prebiotics shown to promote skin health.

  • Gaia Herbs Infinity Glow
    This vegan capsule leans into green tea and Pomanox, a branded dry extract of pomegranate, to support the gut-skin axis and address skin blemishing in women. SRP: $42.99

Brain health was once embraced mostly by seniors looking to enhance memory. Today, neurohacking—using supplements to improve mental acuity and focus—is drawing waves of younger consumers. As with beauty from within, brain health includes some products that support gut health too, since mental fitness and gut vitality can be linked.

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  • Rootine: Focus Brain Support Drink Mix
    This innovative drink mix relies on adaptogens to address issues such as brain fog, focus, mental energy, productivity and mood. Key ingredients include CDP-choline, uridine, Panax ginseng, Bacopa monnieri and a whisper of natural caffeine (25 mg). The GMP-certified product is gluten free, dairy free, soy free, nut free, non-GMO and vegan, without artificial flavors or sweeteners. SRP:  $25

Left, Herbaland Naturals Daily Probiotic Powder Stick provides consumers with a handy, compostable package of probiotic powder. True Grace Prenatal Multivitamin supports women’s bodies from before conception until after birth.

Gut health consists largely of products that help manage and improve digestive issues, this category is moving beyond addressing gut discomfort into optimizing gut vitality, acknowledging its role in everything from mental wellness to heart health. The category includes the well-known probiotics subcategory, along with prebiotics, postbiotics, and herbs and botanicals that support gut wellness.

  • Herbaland Naturals Daily Probiotic Powder Stick
    Find 10 billion CFUs of probiotics and 520 mg of prebiotics in each on-the-go stick pack, offering comprehensive gut health support. Just tip back these 100% compostable pouches and enjoy the tasty powder on its own. SRP: $22

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Women’s health features a fast-growing range of products that support women’s overall wellness, sexual health, pre- and postnatal health, and healthy menopause. This effervescent category is rife with new product launches and innovation.

  • True Grace Prenatal Multivitamin
    Supporting children’s health starts before they even get started in their mamas’ wombs. This daily multivitamin helps both mom and baby thrive preconception and throughout pregnancy and lactation, leveraging methylfolate, choline, Regenerative Organic Certified lemon balm, organic ginger, vitamins D3 and K12, and an organic whole-food blend. SRP: $45.95

Left, Ancient Nutrition Multi-Collagen Advanced Muscle supports muscle health in older adults. Cornbread Hemp Sleep CBD Gummies offer hemp THC to support better sleep.

Healthy aging draws from a wide range of herbs and botanicals to support memory, bone strength, digestion and other issues that older people face to different extents. Healthy aging supplements often blend plant-based compounds to support overall well-being.

  • Ancient Nutrition Multi-Collagen Advanced Muscle
    As people get older, muscle health stands as an important consideration. This supplement promotes muscle vigor through 10 types of collagen from food-based sources. It also takes advantage of botanicals like ashwagandha, cordyceps and fermented turmeric to pump up those all-important muscles. SRP: $54.95

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Healthy sleep is a buzzy category that covers a diversity of products, from the hormone melatonin to the mineral magnesium to the botanical valerian root. Sales of healthy sleep supplements remain strong, though growth was flat in 2022, largely due to a decline in hemp CBD purchases. But NBJ estimates sales will increase 3.1% in 2024.

  • Cornbread Hemp Sleep CBD Gummies
    These USDA Organic gummies boast 1,500 mg of full-spectrum, flower-only hemp (2 mg THC) and a comprehensive botanical formulation that includes valerian root, chamomile and lavender extract to send you off to slumberland. SRP: $74.99

Left, LifeSeasons Anxie-T Plus supports a calm mood. Better Being Co., Solaray ProSorb Berberine is popular among consumers looking to manage their weight.

Mood and mental health supplements offer a range of products that address brain health, mental fitness and mood enhancement. Increasingly, consumers are turning to supplements that relieve symptoms of anxiety, depression and other concerns.

  • LifeSeasons Anxie-T Plus
    This powerhouse supplement combines key ingredients for calm and serenity, including magnesium, L-theanine, Andean cocoa seed extract, GABA, kava kava, theobromine and Sensoril, a branded ashwagandha extract. SRP: $42.99

Weight management is under pressure during the Ozempic era, which is testing the robustness of this market. As more and more products emerge from Big Pharma to help consumers lose weight, the challenges to supplements will likely intensify. While meal replacement solutions figure into weight management, the cutting edge includes botanicals like berberine, which may help regulate blood sugar and aid appetite suppression.

  • Better Being Co., Solaray ProSorb Berberine
    Berberine, a beneficial compound found in a diversity of plants and widely used in Ayurvedic medicine, is having a moment, with many consumers using it for weight management. This product delivers 550 mg of clinically studied BerbeVis Phytosome, standardized to 30% berberine. It uses a cutting-edge phytosomal delivery format that enhances absorption and bioavailability. SRP: $18.99

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