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Spark Change brands create business models that put people and planet first

multistakeholder natural foods trend
These natural products brands in the Spark Change Product Discovery Zone reflect the trends identified by the New Hope Network content and NEXT Data and Insights teams for 2020 and beyond.

The Product Discovery Zone at Spark Change provides a great firsthand look at many of the brands exemplifying these trends and the macro forces that will shape this industry for years to come.

This Spark Change-inspired series will also shine the spotlight on some of these brands by highlighting a different trend each week.

Trend of the week: Multistakeholder and Multibottom Lines

Brands exemplifying this trend were not necessarily formed with the mission to solve poverty, hunger or environmental problems, but they are rethinking how they conduct business by aiming beyond profits and reducing negative impact on people and planet.

SC - Multistakholder_Multibottom Lines.png

1. Patagonia Provisions

This brand actually was created with a mission in mind, specifically, that of establishing a new kind of food chain that embraces ethically and sustainably sourced products. Whether by building markets for more sustainably produced foods, creating new supply chains, investing in infrastructure or advocating for Regenerative Organic Certification, this Certified B Corporation is all about supporting soil health, animal welfare and social well-being. Find Patagonia Provisions in the Product Discovery Zone.

2. Navitas Organics

Guided by the principle of using its business “as a beacon for positive change,” this Certified B Corporation not only supports regenerative and organic agricultural practices, but also the farmers and communities that embrace these methods—in part by creating economic opportunities for smallholder organic farmers. Protecting the environment is another pillar of its mission, as is using a science-based approach to its products in an effort to care for both people and planet. Find Navitas Organics in the Product Discovery Zone.

3. Miyoko’s Creamery

The ethical treatment of all animals is at the core of this vegan creamery, along with a commitment to choose the most ethical and environmentally friendly options throughout the production process. This pioneering plant-based artisanal cheese company also uses meticulous sourcing practices to ensure the quality, sustainability and ethics of all of the products it uses—from ingredients to packaging. Find Miyoko's Creamery in the Product Discovery Zone.

See the latest in natural products and connect with exhibitors in the Spark Change Product Discovery Zone. Learn more about Spark Change.

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