Are peptides the best functional ingredient?

Are peptides the best functional ingredient?

Nuritas cuts development costs and reduces time to under two years, compared to the five to seven years using the traditional method.

Peptides are tiny fragments of protein molecules that occur naturally in the skin, in the body and in protein-rich food sources like milk, rice, pea and algae. Peptides are a growing trend in anti-aging skin care, although most are synthetic peptides that are expensive and take a long time to develop using traditional “trial and error” methodology.

What do peptides actually do? Peptides are signal generators to your body.  In skin care products, peptides can stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin, both of which plump the skin and give it elasticity. Both of these diminish as we age. 

Peptides can also have various therapeutic qualities, including supporting healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels and taming inflammation.

How can peptides be made cheaper, faster and better? The traditional way of finding these molecules is based on experimental, random searches. Therefore, the traditional way is expensive, tedious and very long.

Dr. Nora Khaldi, founder of Nuritas Ltd., has come up with a better methodology utilizing computational biology. With bioinformatic technology, millions of peptides derived from food can be efficiently narrowed down to a handful of peptides that will show important health and well-being benefits to humans and animals. These are then further tested in the lab to confirm the action and scientific proof. 

Nuritas cuts development costs to as little as 2.7 percent of current cost and reduces time to under two years (compared to the five to seven years using the traditional method). Consequently, food, cosmetics and supplement companies will now be able to quickly diversify, enter the functional food/cosmetics areas and attract new customers. Companies currently using synthetic peptides will have the opportunity to convert to naturally derived peptides. The synthetics could cost-effectively be replaced with a larger concentration of the naturally derived peptides, thereby increasing product efficacy.

Imagine food and cosmetic products that can be made more functional by the addition of a naturally derived ingredient like bioactive peptides. Imagine eating a cereal bar that helps support blood sugar levels or a face cream that stimulates collagen generation to visibly reduce the visible signs of aging.

Peptides may, in fact, be the best functional ingredient now that they can be more efficiently discovered, developed and commercialized.

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