BENEO launches baby food rice starches

BENEO launches baby food rice starches

BENEO's range of rice starch exceeds today's market and regulatory standards for jarred baby food applications.

BENEO, one of the leading manufacturers in functional ingredients, is setting the standard for baby food rice starch with its new range of products, available worldwide from May 2013. Ideal for use in fruit and vegetable based jars, the baby food rice starch line not only meets but also exceeds today's stringent market and regulatory standards, offering manufacturers the ultimate in functional rice ingredients for jarred baby food applications.

Following in-depth assessment of production processes, including extensive testing, BENEO's baby food rice starch meets and exceeds industry and regulatory requirements. The new line also offers a wide variety of nutritional and technical benefits to manufacturers. The naturally sourced texturizer qualifies for hypoallergenic, clean label, organic, as well as non-GMO products. Test trials have shown that vegetable and fruit jarred baby food with BENEO's baby food rice starch have improved product stability in terms of viscosity, syneresis control and shelf-life. In addition, the ingredient's small particle size creates a creamy texture without any effect on the end product’s taste or color. Rice is also highly digestible and consequently well-suited for baby food applications.

Pierre Donck, product manager, rice derivatives at BENEO, comments, "With a strong heritage in rice starches, BENEO rice derivatives are used worldwide as hypoallergenic texturizers from nature to improve the mouthfeel, shelf-life and structure of food products. Thanks to our stringent production processes and testing procedures, there is no limit to the age at which consumers can benefit from the technical and nutritional advantages of our rice starches."


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