CP Kelco expands pectin capability

CP Kelco expands pectin capability

Expansion is necessary to meet the increased demand for high-quality GENU amidated grades of pectin.

CP Kelco announces further investment DKK 60 million ($10.7 million) into additional expansion in Lille Skensved, Denmark. The expansion is the next phase after an initial DKK 15 million ($2.7 million) investment that readied the infrastructure for additional expansions.

This expansion is necessary to meet the increased demand for high-quality GENU® amidated grades of pectin. This pectin type is used broadly in the food industry for products such as low-sugar and sugar-free jams, fruit preparations for yoghurt, and thermo-reversible bakery glazes. "GENU pectin continues to show good market growth due to its functionality in fruit and yoghurt products, where it enables production of jams and fruit spreads with a low-sugar and high-fruit content," stated Susanne Sörgel, strategic platform director for pectin. 

The CP Kelco facility in Lille Skensved is the world's largest pectin plant, and CP Kelco also produces pectin in Germany and Brazil.  The expansion project is expected to be completed in June 2014.

Plant Manager Jørn Stryger said, "This expansion will make it possible for us to further differentiate through our advanced GENU LMA pectin. Our competent employees in Lille Skensved have the required knowledge and skills to produce this specialty type of pectin, and in a time where many companies are moving production out of the country, CP Kelco has chosen to expand in Denmark."

On the heels of a recent announcement to expand CP Kelco's Limiera, Brazil facility, this expansion further allows the company to keep pace with the growing popularity and demand for the ingredient.  "This expansion ensures that CP Kelco will remain well positioned to meet our customers' needs both now and in the future," summarized Sörgel.

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