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Expert makes case for free curcumin

Expert makes case for free curcumin
At Ingredient Marketplace, Dr. Traj Nibber encouraged supplement manufacturers to educate themselves on the importance of obtaining free curcumin to target tissues.

At Ingredient Marketplace in Orlando, Fla., Dr. Traj Nibber, director of AOR, presented to a standing room only crowd that all curcumin ingredients are not created equal. Dr. Nibber emphasized the importance of supplement manufacturers to educate themselves on the ingredient efficacy, pedigree of supporting clinical studies, and the importance of obtaining free curcumin to target tissues.

“The big issue with curcumin is the bioavailability and even at high doses it can show contradictory results,” states Dr. Nibber, who has a degree in pharmacy, a masters in toxicology and a PhD in Pathology. Dr. Nibberfounded AOR to clear the misdirection prevalent in the nutraceutical world, and provide people with highly effective, research backed products. “Solid Lipid Curcumin Particle (SLCP™) technology gives curcumin the ability to be stable and reduce metabolization. This allows the curcumin to be taken up through the lymphatic system as opposed to the circular system therefore passing the liver. Because it bypasses the liver and is taken up into the lymphatic system the curcumin then exists as free curcumin and not a glucuronide or metabolized form.”

Curcumin has been highly studied and supplement makers must distinguish research integrity and closely examine the full clinical profile of the ingredients they are choosing to place in their products to ensure the science matches the ingredient. Consumers are reaching out in greater numbers to try to distinguish for themselves the difference amongst the curcumin ingredients offered. With consumer knowledge ever increasing, the retail outlets marketing materials must deliver precise details and clinical substantation.

Longvida® Optimized Curcumin, based on patented SLCP™ Technology from UCLA is a revolutionary ingredient for supporting healthy brain aging. Longvida is the result of over 10 years and hundreds of formulas tested in live bioavailability, efficacy and safety models.

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