Galactic introduces 2 antimicrobials

Galactic introduces 2 antimicrobials

Galastar and Galacin solutions aim to improve safety, flavor and color in meat and dairy products.

Galactic is launching Galastar™ and Galacin™ on the market. These two innovative antimicrobial solutions aim to improve safety, flavor and color in meat and dairy products. Galactic is also proud to announce the release of its new e-shop which will offer clients a large choice amongst more than 30 innovative solutions intended for the food, feed, personal & health care, and industrial sectors.

After the launch of its rebranded website in April, Galactic decided to create a new e-shop dedicated to those interested in ordering the company’s solutions in smaller quantities. The website proposes a wide variety of the company’s best-selling products for application in the food, feed, personal and health care, and industrial sectors.

In addition to Galactic’s classical solutions, clients will also have the opportunity to discover Galastar and Galacin, two new ranges of natural solutions for food.

Galastar is Galactic’s brand name for starter cultures consisting of lactic acid bacteria and Micrococcaceae. These micro-organisms mainly aim to protect food against pathogens, improve color, texture and enhance flavor profile. We use these solutions particularly in meat applications such as dried sausages, cooked ham or fresh meat to trigger the fermentation process.

As for the Galacin range, it is a mix of natural ingredients containing, amongst others, nisin or natamycin. These peptides are considered some of the best natural antimicrobial solutions available today. They are mostly used in cheese, fermented sausages, and a variety of other food applications to prevent Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, fungi, and yeast or mold spoilages.

Both Galastar and Galacin ranges have the potential to naturally improve food preservation by acting on the microbiological aspect of the product.

“Putting our Galastar and Galacin solutions on the market is a good opportunity to fulfill producers’ demand for more natural food preservation solutions”, says Jean-Christophe Bogaert, sales, marketing and business development director. “Our e-shop is a complementary way for us to present our solutions to a larger audience that is different to our traditional customers. Indeed we would like to more specifically target research departments within universities and companies.”

Check out our new e-shop at



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