VIRUN, Vital Pharmaceuticals expand operations

VIRUN, Vital Pharmaceuticals expand operations

VIRUN calls 2013 a "blockbuster renaissance of key partnerships and explosive innovation."  

VIRUN and Vital Pharmaceuticals expand vertically integrated solutions for finished product applications containing OmegaH2O® Omega-3 EPA DHA, PQQwater™ Coenzyme Clear® and other patented/patents-pending products and technologies. 

VIRUN expands to second facility to support FUXIONS
VIRUN headquarters in Walnut, Calif., have reached capacity and therefore have successfully expanded production operations in Weston, Fla., as a concerted effort to support the growing demand of FUXIONS™ ingredients through the Specialty Products Division at Hormel Foods. The new facility is a state-of-the-art, cGMP facility and can produce up to 20,000 gallons a day. Utilizing VIRUN’s vast patent and patents-pending portfolio, this new facility will allow extended efficiency in processing and higher yield production and also facilitate VIRUN’s patent-pending HCO3 extraction process. What is unique about this expansion is that VIRUN’s new facility will be adjacent with Vital Pharmaceuticals. This integration will allow a two-step process from raw material manufacturing into finished product application. 

Nicole Shute, marketing manager of specialty products at Hormel Foods, stated, “There is growing interest for FUXIONS ingredients, in particular with supplement beverage applications that demand differentiation in the market place. This expansion and partnership will assist FUXIONS application development with finished product actualization.”

Vital Pharmaceuticals partners with VIRUN to offer fully integrated manufacturing
Vital Pharmaceuticals is a 20-year nutrition and beverage industry leader largely based on cofounder and CEO Jack Owoc’s ability to develop and scale conceptualized ideas into actual finished products in-house. Its 200,000-square-foot facility produces liquid shots, multi-serving liquid products, including proprietary 3-ounce, 8-ounce, 16-ounce and 20-ounce beverages all on multiple rotary or piston filling lines. Vital Pharmaceuticals has also developed in-house proprietary encapsulation technologies that enable an immediate yet sustainable tri-phase pharmacokinetic delivery.

Vital Pharmaceuticals has funded 22 double-blind placebo-controlled human studies on its products to drive proven innovations. The company has recently developed its own in-house nutrition bar manufacturing to allow omega-3 EPA and DHA claims in a single serving, whole-food bar.

The partnership will allow customers to produce the raw material omega-3 EPA DHA or other water-insoluble components and manufacture their finished food, liquid capsules, powder emulsion concentrates and beverages all in one cGMP biotech and food processing block in Weston, Fla. Key advantages of these products will be: all-natural, no preservatives (such as potassium sorbate or EDTA), no undeclared additives and only GRAS, clean label ingredients for direct food use (no polysorbates or hydrogenated castor oil PEG 40). 

Mr. Owoc stated, “VIRUN’s integration with Vital Pharmaceuticals just makes sense from many different perspectives. I nicknamed Bromley ‘Phil the Thrill’ for a reason: Together we have an innovation wheel that is going to produce dozens of $100 million beverages, supplements and nutrition products. More importantly, the big-picture vision is uniquely aligned to produce finished inventions backed by a scientific explosion of innovation.”

E=MC2 H2O™ Einstein Water at Supply Side West 2013
See the power of strength-in-partnering at SupplySide West in Las Vegas as VIRUN, Vital Pharmaceuticals and FUXIONS Specialty Products Division at Hormel Foods display “relativity” in Einstein Water (E=MC2 H2O™); an excellent source of omega-3 EPA DHA, vitamin K2 MK4 and MK7 and over 300 mg of potassium in a preservative-free 16-oz beverage suitable to be called EinsteinWater™.  SSW Booth # 34070




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