The World's Best Ingredient Distributors and Brokers

The World's Best Ingredient Distributors and Brokers

A product manufacturer needs good supply partners, from ingredient manufacturers to brokers to sales & marketing houses, to deliver the goods.  

B&D Nutritional Ingredients


Founded in 1993 in Vista, California, B&D Nutritional Ingredients is a nationwide distributor of products, primarily natural antioxidants, from global manufacturers. The company's services also include regulatory support, technical application assistance and formulation concepts. Working with a well-stocked warehouse, the company strives to meet customers' formulation needs with a short lead time.

In April 2010, B&D extended its distribution partnership with Embria Health Sciences for another four years, until 2014. Under the pact, B&D markets Embria's EpiCor and eXselen brands in the United States. The company also distributes products for 14 other companies including: ADM, Antares, Beijing Gingko Group, Brassica Protection Products, DSM, Embria, Enzo, Kalsec, Kemin, KonaRed, Matsutani, Polyphenolics, Sawasabi, Solazyme Health Sciences and Unique Biotech USA.

Products: CardioAid phytosterols; CaroCare natural beta-carotene; Decanox natural mixed tocopherols; Enzogenol pine bark extract; EpiCor high-metabolite Immungogens; eXselen selenium; Fibersol-2 soluble dietary fiber; FloraGLO lutein; Golden Chlorella; KonaRed coffee fruit; MegaNatural grape seed & skin; Novasoy soy isoflavones; Novatol natural-source vitamin E; rice tocotrienols; Sawasabi wasabi; SGS broccoli extract; Slendesta potato protein extract; Unique IS-2 Bacillus coagulans probiotic; vitamin E TPGS; ZeaGold natural zeaxanthin.

Bottom Line: B&D is a national leader in the sales and marketing of raw materials in the United States. Its portfolio of offerings continues to expand. Just in March 2012, the company announced new exclusive sales, marketing and distribution rights for Javaplant's botanical extractions in North America. Javaplant is an Indonesian extract manufacturer founded in 2002; the company touts its use of German technology and pharmaceutical processes. Javaplant is Indonesian GMP-certified, Kosher-certified and Halal certified. Javaplant's laboratory is fully equipped to perform quality-control techniques, and its analytical tools range from pH meters, refractometers, moisture balance, TLC scanners, AAS, HPLC scanners, GCs, GC-MS, LC-MS, UV, VIS and FTIR.


ET Horn


ET Horn is one of North America's top distributors of specialty ingredients, raw materials and chemicals for use in a variety of industries. A classic raw material supplier in the chemical industry, the company’s business model is based on principles of high quality, science-based ingredients with a deep product portfolio, technical services and commitment to a partnership with its clients.

Horn's Nutraceuticals Division is seen as a recognized leader in North American for nutraceutical ingredients used in nutritional supplements, medical foods and the pharmaceutical markets. The division touts experienced account specialists and warehouses in major metropolitan areas across the United States, which enable it to provide customers with support and service necessary in today's complex market for healthy ingredients.

Companies represented by the division include some of the largest in the nutraceutical segment. They include: ABITEC, American Lecithin, BASF, Biothera, Cabot Corp., Cargill Texturizing Solutions, Desert King International, Horn Co., Grain Processing Corp., Guzen Development, JM Huber, Japan Bio Science Laboratory, Kyowa Chemical Co., Lonza Inc., Roquette America andSun Green USA.

ET Horn's FoodTech group serves the food industry, with an emphasis in the health and wellness sector, by providing a variety of specialty food ingredients including: hydrocolloids, starches, maltodextrins, proteins, lecithin, soy flour, anti-caking agents, emulsifiers, yeast extracts, flavors, high-stability oils, gum acacia, mineral salts and natural colors. These ingredients are used in flavor blends, dry mixes, sauces, salad dressings, meats, poultry, seafood, beverages, baked goods, dairy products, confections and a variety of other applications.

Products:The unit represents a variety of GRAS ingredients including: Almagine HL (whole Algalin Flour), Benesoy Organic Soy Flour, Captex MCT Oil, Centara Pea Fiber, FiberAid Prebiotic, Dietary FiberKaneka Q10 and QH, Lecithin, Propulse Pea Protein, Sun-Green Soy Protein Isolate and Wellmune WGP.

Bottom Line:ET Horn is unique for its reach across related industries, its focus on specific markets, supply chain transparency, and an experienced team that brings value-added service to a wide range and scope of projects and clients. The employee-owned company has a long-term and skilled management team and good growth. It also has the resources to enable it to go anywhere in the world to find or represent producers, manufacturers or growers of biomass or botanical extracts for which it sees a need.


Maypro Industries

Hybrid (Manufacturer and Distributor)

Having recently celebrated its 30th anniversary, Maypro Industries is a global supplier of nutraceutical ingredients. Based in Purchase, New York, Maypro operates six subsidiaries strategically located in the U.S, Japan and China. In 2006, Maypro became a minority-owned affiliate of Marubeni Corp, one of Japan's largest trading conglomerates with over $70 billion in annual revenues and offices in 125 countries.

Maypro is well known as an industry pioneer, having been the first company to introduce into the U.S. such leading specialty products as co-Q10, glucosamine and chondroitin, after they had already been established in Japan.

Maypro has developed a portfolio of proprietary patented and branded ingredients. Its flagship product, AHCC, manufactured from hybridized medicinal mushrooms, is Japan's top-selling immune supplement, used in over 700 clinics worldwide. AHCC has been well established in the U.S. market and is sold under such brands as: Douglas Labs, Source Naturals, Now Foods, Blue Bonnet, Jarrow Formulas, American Biosciences, Olympian Labs and Pure Prescriptions.

In 2007, Maypro introduced Oligonol, the world's first low-molecular-weight polyphenol with strong anti-aging properties, a lychee extract for which the company won the 2008 NutraAward and achieved new dietary ingredient (NDI) status in 2007. Maypro has also been a pioneer in the Japanese nutritional supplement industry, having exported and built the market for such leading ingredients as Tonalin, Forslean, Neopuntia, and Biocell Collagen.

Products:Branded ingredients Oligonol, AHCC, Bonimax, capsulPro, Champex, Chitoglucan. Featured products: Chitosan, chlorella, co-Q10, chondroitin, glucosamine, egg white peptides, applephenon, green tea extract (ecgc) and hyaluronic acid.

Bottom line:For these and many additional successes, Maypro's founder, Steve Yamada, won a lifetime achievement award from Nutrition Business Journal.


Nutra Bridge Corp.

Sales and Marketing

Nutra Bridge is an outsourced sales and marketing firm representing a handful of branded, patented, scientifically assayed ingredients. The company is run by Scott Steil, president, and is based in Shoreview, Minnesota.

In 2010, Nutra Bridge saw an estimated 100 percent growth on product revenues for total sales of $5 to $10 million. For this achievement, the company earned Nutrition Business Journal’s small-company growth award. Nutra Bridge product sales are driven by condition-specific growth for a few ingredients targeting broad markets: 7-Keto in weight loss and InSea-2 in blood-sugar management, for example. It is the company's philosophy to work exclusively with a small roster of high-quality ingredients for long-term success. "It has been our focus as an ingredient supplier to give manufacturers good clay from which they can mold solid claims and deliver efficacy in line with those claims," says Steil.

Products:Nutra Bridge provides marketing services for the following branded ingredients: 7-Keto (Humanetics, manufacturer), MicroLactin (Humanetics, manufacturer), AuroraBlue (Denali Biotechnologies, manufacturer), PeptiBal (Innovactiv, manufacturer), InSea-2 (Innovactiv, manufacturer).

Bottom Line: Nutra Bridge keeps its eye open for innovative, branded, patented ingredients backed by scientific evidence for efficacy and safety. It does not represent generic ingredients.




Pharmachem Laboratories is a vertically integrated supplier of value-added ingredients and bulk raw materials. From manufacturing standardized extracts and custom ingredients to developing solutions for process problems, Pharmachem touts sophisticated technologies, unique options and a wide variety of services for its customers.

Headquarted in Kearney, New Jersey, Pharmachem now comprises five processing and manufacturing facilities, as well as seven divisions across the United States. The company's key point of differentiation is its multiple divisions consolidated under the Pharmachem banner. Subsidiaries include Proprietary Nutritional Inc., American Ingredients Inc.,Forbes Medi-Tech Corp., MPT Delivery Systems Inc., Avoca Inc.,Avoca Bioprocessing Corp. and Alix Technologies Inc.

Pharmachems' latest acquisition in October 2010 was Forbes Medi-Tech Corp.The Canadian company features a science platform based on core sterol technology including two dozen patents and trademarks registered in more than 50 countries. Reducol has been clinically shown to lower LDL cholesterol when consumed in foods and supplements. In comparison to other cholesterol-lowering products, which typically use oil-based foods as a delivery system, Reducol can be incorporated into a wide range of food products.

Products:Under the PNI division, Pharmachem markets and distributes weight control products Phase 1 Hunger Controller, which is a flavored beverage powder containing Olibra, a clinically studied ingredient for appetite control and satiety; Phase 2 Carb Controller, a non-stimulant white bean extract, shown to reduce the caloric impact of starchy foods; Phase 3 Sugar Controller, combining L-Arabinose and patented Chromium + GPM that may, based on recent clinical studies, reduce the digestion of sugar for weight and blood sugar control. Other PNI products include Benexia, an organic, GMP and HAACP-certified chia; BerryMax line of fruit concentrates including Cran-Max, a clinically studied, all natural, whole-fruit cranberry extract; Celadrin, a natural proprietary ingredient for joint health; InoCell, a natural antioxidant; Lactium, a milk protein hydrolysate containing bioactive peptide for stress management; Perluxan, a botanical anti-inflammatory agent from hops; and Sytrinol, a proprietary formula derived from natural citrus bioflavonoids and palm tocotrienol to support healthy cholesterol levels.

Bottom Line:Through the company and its subsidiaries, Pharmachem provides research, development, manufacturing, processing and production services. These capabilities include extraction, spray drying, blending, milling, agglomeration, encapsulation, chilsonation and fermentation. These capabilities are integrated throughout the company and its divisions to fulfill the needs of clients from bench top to scale up.


PL Thomas            

Hybrid (Manufacturer and Distributor)

PL Thomas, based in New Jersey, and founded in 1948, internationally sources, markets and sells herbal and botanical ingredients. The company offers services in process optimization, ideation and concept development, sourcing, documentation testing, clinical studies and new technologies. PLT is especially known for expertise in hydrocolloids, botanical extracts, specialty nutraceuticals and nutricosmetics. The company offers several proprietary branded ingredients for use in the supplement and cosmeceutical categories.

Branded ingredients: 5Loxin for joint health, GliSODin antoxidant defense system, MegaNatural BP grape seed compound, PomegranateP40p, SkinGest PSOR, natural vitaminK2, LipoWheat natural ceramides, Xanthigen, RhodioLife, FruitOX, Satiereal, Adipromin, ApresFlex, MenaquinGold, Zembrin sceletium.

Supplement products: Condition-specific, fruits/botanical extracts, water soluble.

Food and Beverage:Bakery, beverage, dairy, confectionery, delivery systems, prepared foods, sauces, meat/seafood.

Health and wellness:Antioxidants, bone/joint health, cognitive, digestive, energy, heart health, immune, satiety/weight sports, women/men.

Cosmeceuticals:Topical, nutricosmetics, oral care.

Bottom Line:PL Thomas is part of the breed of distributors that take a trade-name brand strategy and try to load up their portfolio of latest trend or fad ingredients. They have developed strong relationships with novel manufacturers, and like Sabinsa, they distribute some ingredients that enjoy IP, mostly in the form of human-controlled trials for validation of efficacy. One such strong relationship is with PoliNat SL from Spain, developer of effective fat-loss extracts and other ingredients.


TSI Health Sciences           

Hybrid (Manufacturer and Distributor)

Based on Montana, TSI assists product developers through every step of the product development process – from raw material selection to granulation to finished dosage forms – through an integrated supply chain that is both quality-confirmed and regulatory-compliant.

The company's comprehensive product range includes botanical, marine and natural product extracts, as well as synthesized compounds. Privately owned, it employs 500 worldwide (U.S., China, Korea, Japan) and oversees raw material research from its Asian headquarters in Shanghai.

Products:The first legitimate entry of adenosine triphosphate into the marketplace, PEAK ATP provides the exact molecule the human body needs to create energy. A proprietary bioactive complex of amino acids extracted from fenugreek, Promilin has a pronounced effect on healthy glucose and insulin utilization. Standardized to contain 60 percent of the extraordinary amino acid derivative 4-hydroxyisoleucine (4-OH-Ile), PromilinPro takes Promilin one step further. Scientifically known as ipriflavone, an isoflavone, Ostivone has been shown in clinical studies to maximize bone density and inhibit bone loss. A proprietary blend of three ingredients – butcher's broom extract, hesperdin methyl chalcone and vitamin C– Rusperin C improves venous circulation and overall vein health. A patented, standardized extract of magnesium salvianolate B from the Chinese herb dan shen, MSV 60 enhances cardiovascular function.

Bottom Line:TSI is a classic example of a market-driven, vertically integrated supplier. They now split the business into Commodity and Innovation divisions, which allows them to zero in on the needs of each customer with precision. The company has made significant capital investments to secure fully owned manufacturing and processing facilities in China.


Xsto Solutions            


Xsto’s core focus is bringing new science-based nutritional ingredients to the US dietary supplements, food and beverage marketplace. Xsto Solutions assists companies in new product development, launches and daily operational sales. It provides technical support, raises venture capital and conducts market research in preparation of product launch. Among its recent activities: developing a distribution system for South American herbal products; and creating a new equity partner for an Australian manufacturer.

Products:Vitamin K2 as MK-7 (K2Vital), Extended-Release Niacin (NiaXtend); Benfotiamine (BenfoPure); High Concentrate Omega-3 oils (Pronova Pure and Algatrium); Lactobacillus bulgaricus probiotic strain (ProB); Zinc-Carnosine (PepZin GI); L-Carnosine; Bioenergy Ribose.

Bottom Line:Xsto partners with many established players in the nutraceuticals market, includingPronova/BASF, Bioenergy Life Science, Brudy Technology and Chrysantis Inc. Beginning in 2010, the company became distributor for the new vitamin K2 supplier Kappa Bioscience AS, bringing the company's full line of vitamin K2 MK-7 to the North American market. The company also began marketing AGD Nutrition's full line of vitamin D products.




Founded in 1954, Zhejiang Medicine Company (ZMC) has been listed among the top 500 exporters of China for 18 consecutive years. It operates in the United States under the name ZMC-USA.

Staffed with over 4,000 employees worldwide, ZMC has a large production base of active pharmaceutical ingredients: co-Q10, vitamins, carotenoids, microbiological drugs and medicines, natural drugs, and food and feed additives (especially quinolones and rifamycins). Globally, the company is among the top suppliers of biotin, vitamin E, natural vitamin E, fermented co-Q10, and has a complete product variety of carotenoids.

ZMC's facilities are ISO22000, ISO 14001, GMP, OHSAS and HACCP certified. ZMC manufactures USP-DIVP verified, Kosher and Halal certified, allergen free, non BSE/TSE, non GMO/IP, and non irradiated products. Test methodologies include USP, JP, EP and others as requested.

Products:Astaxanthin, beta carotene (natural and synthetic), palm carotene (natural), canthaxanthin, lutein, lutein-ester, lycopene, zeaxanthin, vitamin A, vitamin E (natural and synthetic), phytosterol,  co-Q10, d-biotin.

Bottom Line:ZMC is reportedly the first supplier to receive USP ingredient verification of beta-carotene and co-Q10, and is a leading supplier of Chinese-sourced nutritional ingredients. In 2008, the company received Frost & Sullivan's Best Practices award.








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