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Mushroom Varieties


Texture: Honeycombed and cone-shaped with a hollow stem. The texture is perfect for absorbing sauces.

Taste: Delicately wild, smoky mushroom and nut flavor, adapts to other ingredients. Perfect in sauces; for a decadent experience, simmer in cream until reduced and serve over pasta.


Texture: A variation of the common white mushroom, the texture is much the same. Portobellos are more dense due to slight drying through the open gills. These gills may be removed to avoid a dark color in any dish.

Taste: Criminis are slightly more intense in flavor than the common mushroom, while portobellos can be much richer. The portobello is sturdy and can be grilled or sautéed whole or in slices to create delectable entrees. They are perfect for stuffing.


Texture: The thin flesh of the trumpet-shaped chanterelle is lightly meaty and also delicate. Like most mushrooms, they vary in size.

Taste: Slightly spicy, mildly mushroomy with a hint of fruit. They are delicate and go well with other vegetables, eggs, chicken and fish.


Texture: This tiny mushroom has a slightly crunchy long stem and delicate small cap.

Taste: A hint of sweet with very delicate mushroom flavoring. Often used as garnish in salads or soups.


Texture: Velvety and slightly dense.

Taste: Strong mushroom taste with hints of the wild. Good solo or where a pronounced flavor is desired. Great grilled or smoked with plenty of garlic.


Texture: Soft and very tender.

Taste: Very delicate and mild. Good as a background texture and flavor. Beautiful ivory color.

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