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New products

Enriched chocolate for healthy bones
Ecco Bella has added a Beautiful Bones Bar to its Health by Chocolate line. The bar combines calcium derived from sea algae Lithothamnion spp, harvested off the west coast of Ireland. The seaweed also contains its trace minerals of magnesium, iodine, boron and selenium; vitamins K, D2 and D3 have also been added to enhance calcium absorption. Certified organic and fair trade, each serving (two squares) contains 400mg of calcium and 750mg FOS fibre. Distribution is in the US, the UK, Korea, Denmark and Canada.

+ 1 877 696 2220

Goat's rue capsules for breast-feeding
Motherlove Herbal Co has expanded its line of products for nursing mothers with a Goat's rue liquid concentrate vegetarian capsule. Goat's rue is used by lactation consultants to help adoptive mothers and women with polycystic ovarian syndrome to successfully breast-feed, the company says. The capsules contain a liquid concentrate to help develop mammary tissue in addition to stimulating both the production and flow of milk.? Goat's rue has been shown to increase milk output by up to 50 per cent in some cases, the Colorado company claims.?

+ 1 970 493 2892

Gluten- and casein-free snack bars
Arico Natural Foods in Oregon has introduced a line of 'mindful' snack bars aimed at consumers with food allergies. The four snack bars — cranberry almond, peanut butter, chocolate chip and double chocolate — are all free of gluten, wheat, casein, dairy, trans fats, refined sugars, preservatives and colourings. They are a good source of calcium (250mg) and contain 3g of fibre. In place of wheat, the bars use teff, which is a tiny cereal grain native to northern Africa (and traditionally used to prepare 'injera,' Ethiopian flat bread). Teff flour is a light, uniquely flavoured whole-grain flour free of gluten, and it is supplied by Bob's Red Mill. The bars are also certified organic and kosher.

+1 866 982 7426

Supplementing mental agility
Natrol Inc's new brainSpeed Memory supplement is designed to support mild memory problems associated with ageing. Ingredients include Huperzine Ato to enhance acetylcholine, thiamine; niacin, pantothenic acid, DMAE, folic acid, and vitamins B6 and B12. A second launch in the line, brainSpeed Perform, also contains Rhodiola, a root extract known as an?adaptogen (an endurance enhancer).?The company also offers an online brainSpeedometer test, a way to chart the brain's processing speed.

+1 800 262 8765

Milk with omega-3s
Ocean Nutrition Canada Limited of Nova Scotia has teamed with Farmer Dairy to produce the first Canadian milk with MEG-3, a fish oil additive without the taste or smell of fish, and protected from oxidation by a process of micro-encapsulation. MEG-3 contains both EPA and DHA fatty acids.

+1 888 980 8889

Improved digestibility for ProBlend
ProBlend 55, the first blended protein drink on the US market, has been reformulated by Wellements to enhance its digestibility. The drink combines four forms of whey protein, egg albumin and micellar casein, as well as new digestive enzymes and stabilised rice bran.

+1 602 427 0127

A liquid supplement with phytosterols
Phytosterols and stanols have been incorporated into a new vanilla-flavoured liquid version of New Health Corp's LipidShield, aimed at consumers who find capsules and tablets difficult to swallow. The formula also contains proven cholesterol-lowering components guggulipid (a mainstay of Indian herbal medicine), red yeast rice (used extensively in Chinese medicine) and policosanol (derived from sugar cane).

+1 877 263 3555

Expanded gluten-free line
Bob's Red Mill, a 28-year-old natural grains company in Oregon, has expanded its line of more than 40 gluten-free products with two new products: a dark-chocolate brownie mix and a pancake mix that works with any milk-type product. Designed for people with wheat allergies or intolerances, the products are manufactured in a special facility and are batch tested before processing and after packaging.

+1 800 349 2173

Digestion aid for babies
Wellements' Gripe Water, a natural product to remedy digestion ailments in babies, is made from a blend of all-organic ginger, fennel and chamomile flowers, which are known to soothe stomache pains, colic, abdominal cramps, hiccups, teething and gas pains in babies. Free of alcohol, sugar, sodium, artificial colours/flavours and petroleum-based products, Gripe Water is also free of chemical preservatives.

+1 602 437 0127

Nondairy, kosher cake mixes
Aimed at the kosher and lactose-intolerant consumer, Manischewitz, the largest manufacturer of kosher foods in the US, has introduced in a nondairy (pareve) line of cake mixes. The Extra Moist Yellow and Chocolate Pareve cake mixes are certified kosher by the Orthodox Union. The two products will be available in May in 18.25oz boxes and will retail for approximately $2.49 a box. Further flavors are expected to be introduced in coming years.

+1 201 553 1100

Tomato extract for thinning blood
Provexis PLC has patented Fruitflow, a bioactive water-based tomato extract with no fats or lycopene that can be added to foods and drinks. The ingredient smoothes blood platelets, a process commonly known as 'thinning,' thus reducing the chance of fatal internal blood clots, the company says. The first product to contain Fruitflow is Sirco, a juice drink released in the UK in January. Sirco provides the bioactive portion of the tomato in a concentrated form, which is absorbed into the body more quickly than if it were digested with other solid parts of the tomato, the company says.

+44 208 392 6631

Soy-enhanced flatbreads
Adding to their successful gourmet tortillas line, Tumaro's has partnered with Solae Company to introduce flatbreads incorporating soy protein.
The three varieties — Wheat, Soy & Flax; 8 Grain 'N Soy; and Apple 'N Cinnamon — are 92 per cent fat free, have 0 grams of trans fats, low cholesterol, low sodium, and are Kosher. Named Soy-full Heart flatbreads, they are the first soy-fortified flatbreads to be distributed nationwide in the US.

+1 323 464 6317
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