Preliminary Data from Human Clinical Trial Shows Vectomega®, Has Positive Results in Numerous Areas of Health

Green Bay, WI (July 13, 2006) – EuroPharma’s president, Terry Lemerond, recently obtained the North America distribution rights to a revolutionary Omega -3 phospholipid complex with DHA/EPA, called Vectomega®. Molecularly different from other omega-3’s on the market, this new complex is 50 times more absorbable across cellular membranes than other DHA/EPA products and is available as a water/oil soluble powder.

Now, preliminary findings from a recent human trial by French doctors demonstrate that only 2 tablets per day of Vectomega® improve cardiovascular health by reducing cholesterol, triglycerides and increasing HDL-c in a healthy population, among other benefits.

The extensive criteria studied make it possible to envision a wide range of health concerns in which Vectomega®’s phospholipids can be of benefit. In addition to cardiovascular support, it also shows positive activity in the area of cellular aging, memory, sleep quality, physical recovery, and many other areas of anti-aging. Clinical tolerance in this trial was excellent; no side effects were reported; specifically no eructation, and no reflux of fish taste. The study population was forty healthy volunteers followed for 60 days, and compliance was 100%. Dosage was one 300 mg tablet two times daily. Food habits were not modified.

Omega 3 fish oils used for its DHA/EPA have become increasingly popular in response to a growing body of science on its health benefits, yet few products have risen above the pack. Vectomega®’s superior bioavailability, rapidly noticed results, and the novel dosage form are about to change that.

Vectomega® is a natural marine complex made up of five different phospholipids, DHA and EPA, along with proteins and amino acids as they occur in nature. Vectomega® uses a biological innovation that extracts naturally occurring marine phospholipids with the omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA. Standard fish oil products do not contain these marine phospholipids. This patented innovation, called vectorization, uses a gentle, cold water and enzyme process avoiding heat, solvents, and chemical modifications unlike the process utilized by standard fish oil products.

“The results from this latest trial support previous findings and prove that Vectomega® has optimal bioavailability and works on a cellular level. My decades of experience in the supplements industry tells me this is destined to hold a prime position in the fight against anti-aging and to support optimal health at all levels,” stated Terry Lemerond, president of EuroPharma. “Vectomega® surpasses other DHA/EPA products in terms of bioavailability, absorption and efficacy. Additionally, because it is a water and oil soluble powder, Vectomega® can be applied to any commercial food or dietary supplement formulation to dramatically increase its market potential.”

Vectomega®’s phospholipid vectorization has been clinically demonstrated to have superior bioavailability compared to standard fish oil products. In technical terms, the amphiphilic properties of the marine phospholipids can easily cross the hydrophilic membrane barriers for superior bioabsorption compared to “neutrally charged” commercial fish oils on the market today. Research has confirmed that 50 times more Vectomega® DHA and EPA crosses the cell membrane as compared to standard commercial fish oil products.

At the therapeutic dose, 2 tablets (600 mg) of Vectomega® are equal to 16 capsules (7,200 mg) of standard fish oil. Research has shown that because Vectomega®’s marine phospholipids are vectorized with DHA and EPA in a specific location on the carbon chain (Sn-2 on the glycerol), Vectomega® is 50 times more absorbable via cell membranes.

EuroPharma offers Vectomega® in raw material or finished tablet form, manufacturers seeking more information on availability and pricing should contact Lisa Joski at [email protected], 920-406-6500 or visit

EuroPharma, Inc. a Green Bay, Wisconsin-based supplier offers Vectomega® and other truly unique and industry changing ingredients. EuroPharma’s president, Terry Lemerond has over 40 years of industry experience and product development expertise. Lemerond’s background, knowledge, and associations with respected doctors and scientists worldwide allow him continuous access to proven formulas and ingredients that have yet to be introduced to the world or to the U.S. market.

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Contact: Lisa Joski 920-406-6506
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