Tiaga Mushroom Newest Extract from Draco Natural Products

Draco Natural Products has announced it has introduced Standardized Full-Spectrum Extract™ Tiaga mushroom, an extract that has shown to contain anti-diabetic, anti-tumoral and anti-inflammatory benefits.

In vitro, Tiaga mushroom has demonstrated anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial activity. According to Brien Quirk, technical director for San Jose-based Draco Natural Products, a study from Tokushima Bunri University in Japan, showed that the lanostane triterpene glycosides, a similar class to those found in Reishi of sterol phytocompounds, isolated from the fruiting bodies of Fomitopsis pinicola, inhibited COX-1 and COX-2 enzymes. The inhibition of COX-2 enzymes has wide-ranging effects for healthy joint support, aches and pain, and the prevention of colon cancer.

Tiaga mushroom also contains polysaccharides which have been studied for immune- boosting and anti-cancer effects. Fomitopsis pinicola contains high amounts of naturally occurring polysaccharides as heterogalactans, all highly branched chained polysaccharides which are important for immunological actvity. In studies, polysaccharides have been proven to have immune enhancement properties which may have a dramatic impact on every organ, disease and system of the body.

In addition to Tiaga mushroom, which is certified Kosher, Draco Natural Products offers more than 700 different extracts from herbal botanicals, fruits and vegetables. The company was founded on the concept of creating all-natural, full spectrum botanical ingredients using a proprietary manufacturing process with only purified water. All raw plant materials are harvested at peak potency and certified to be free of pesticides and heavy metals.

Draco Natural Products, the first U.S-based certified organic botanical extract manufacturer in China with USDA NOP, and EU, IFOAM organic certifications, is the world leader in the manufacture and supply of botanical raw materials for nutritional supplements, functional foods and beverages, as well as cosmetics, skin care and personal products.

For more information about the Standardized Full-Spectrum Extract™ Tiaga mushroom, contact Draco Natural Products at 408.287.7871 or visit www.DracoHerbs.com.

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