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Vitamins And Minerals To Help You Reach Your Weight And Fitness Goals




Calcium; 1,000-1,200 mg/day.

May help regulate metabolism and burn fat.

This is especially the case in people who are obese.

Chromium; 50-200 mcg/day.

May promote weight loss and help build muscle.

Women who are pregnant or nursing should not take high doses.

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA); 1-2 grams/day.

May reduce the amount of body fat and increase the amount of lean body mass.

Women who are pregnant or nursing should avoid this supplement.

Magnesium; 310-320 mg/day for women; 400-420 mg/day for men.

May boost athletic performance; encourages development of muscle strength and endurance.

Zinc, in conjunction with magnesium, may also yield positive results.

Vitamin C; 75 mg/day for women; 90 mg/day for men.

May help burn fat more efficiently.

Doses up to 2 grams daily are generally well tolerated; women who are pregnant or nursing, however, should avoid high dosages.

Vitamin D; 5-10 mcg (200-400 IU)/day.

Taking calcium and vitamin D together increases the body's calcium absorption.

The fat substitute olestra hinders vitamin D absorption.

Note: Larger doses may be necessary for disease management and prevention. Check with your health care practitioner for individualized recommendations.

Sources: Jaime S. Ruud, RD, research analyst in the department of nutritional science and dietetics at the University of Nebraska and author of Nutrition and the Female Athlete (CRC Press, 1996); PDR for Nutritional Supplements (Medical Economics Co., 2001).

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