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Pyure Brands debuts organic, non-GMO erythritol

Pyure Brands debuts organic, non-GMO erythritol
Pyure Brands erythritol is the first product of its kind to be both USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified.

Pyure Brands, the privately owned healthy sweetener company, has pioneered a new way for commercial food and beverage manufacturers to sweeten their products without significantly increasing calories. Already the first to market with organic and non-GMO verified stevia sweeteners, Pyure Brands is launching its commercial-grade organic and non-GMO erythritol as another healthy alternative to sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, and artificial sweeteners.

Pyure Brands erythritol is the first product of its kind that is both USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified. These designations distinguish Pyure Brands from other erythritol suppliers and further entrench the company as a leader in the ingredient transparency movement. Manufacturers who are looking to attain organic and non-GMO designations for their own products can utilize Pyure Brands erythritol without worry of non-compliance.

The sourcing of organic and non-GMO erythritol was spurred by many of the over 300 global food and beverage manufacturers that currently use Pyure Brands stevia extracts. Clients like Eric Schnell, CEO of brand incubator MetaBrand, are already formulating new products that combine both stevia and erythritol.

"Consumers are demanding lower sugar and improved ingredient transparency,” said Schnell. “Pyure Brands provides for both through their organic and non-GMO stevia and erythritol. We have seen exceptional results in reformulating our I AM enlightened creations line with these top quality ingredients."

In order to ensure that the product would meet the highest regulatory standards, Pyure Brands invested in extensive DNA testing during all phases of production. The results of that testing were shared with the Non-GMO Project, who then granted the highly sought after ‘Verified’ designation.

The potential commercial applications for erythritol are numerous. Because it is close to sugar in terms of bulk, it can effectively replicate the familiar mouthfeel of foods and drinks that are sweetened with sugar. Erythritol works well in conjunction with stevia, acting as a perfect bulking agent for the higher intensity sweetener. Pyure Brands is unique in that it provides USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified solutions for both erythritol and stevia.

Industry experts see limitless potential for the uniquely qualified sweetener. Tim Avila, general manager of Zero Worries Foods and formulator of ZSweet, the original erythritol blend tabletop sweetener, said “Pyure Brands’ certified organic and non-GMO verified erythritol is a game changer for food and beverage manufacturers who are looking to reduce calories and sugar content. It also expands the possibilities for marketing products to the large contingent of consumers dealing with metabolic syndrome concerns.”

“The addition of organic and non-GMO erythritol to our commercial sweetening capabilities is significant,” said Benjamin Fleischer, CEO of Pyure Brands. “We are all about providing healthy sweetening solutions that are safe, effective, and consistent. We are proud to once again be first to market with a revolutionary product that will help our commercial partners create delicious reduced-calorie products that are better for the consumer.”


Pyure Brands will publicly unveil its new organic and non-GMO erythritol at Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore from Sept. 26 to 28. Brand representatives will be present to meet with commercial clients and other food and beverage manufacturers. Interested attendees are invited to visit booth #2523.



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