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Sunwin Stevia receives $3.2m order from WILD Flavors

Sunwin Stevia receives $3.2m order from WILD Flavors
WILD Flavors has purchased 40 metric tons of enzyme-treated stevia products valued over $3.2 million for the calendar year 2015.

Sunwin Stevia International Inc. (OTCQB: SUWN, "Sunwin Stevia"), one of the top global providers of high quality stevia extracts including Rebaudioside A 98 and Rebaudioside 99, announcedthat it has received a major purchase order of 40 metric tons enzyme-treated stevia products valued over US$3.2 million for the calendar year of 2015 by Wild Flavors Inc.

Enzyme-treated stevia is the most advanced stevioside product in the world and is used in the food and beverage industries. Stevia is a natural sweetener; however, it has a bitter, licorice-like aftertaste. Enzyme treated stevia is obtained by addition of glucose to stevia extracts using α-glucosyltransferase. In addition, a special treat stevia seed is required to grow special stevia leaf for such advanced product. This new method can effectively decrease or eliminate the bitter aftertaste of natural stevia. Sunwin Stevia is the only company in the world that offers such advanced products on a commercial basis.

"We are excited to receive a major purchase order demonstrating that our enzyme-treated stevia products start to receive wild acceptance in the U.S. Management expects the demand for our enzyme-treated stevia products will be doubled from 40 metric tons in 2015," commented Ms. Dongdong Lin, CEO of Sunwin Stevia. "We believe our technology is state of the art and we look forward to actively marketing our enzyme-treated stevia products in Europe and North America. We believe the demand for our enzyme-treated stevia products will be substantially increased for years to come."

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