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52% of Americans believe in-store prices are higher than online charges

52% of Americans believe in-store prices are higher than online charges

These surprising social-media statistics can help you grow your retail business, but first you must take action. 

Every month I cite some statistic that’s intended to excite you about the opportunity to reach shoppers online via social media. But really, all that data is meaningless if you don’t take action.

For example, I could tell you that:

52% of Americans believe in-store prices are higher than online charges, according to an Accenture Interactive study.

64% of consumers say they’d be receptive to stores sending them text messages while shopping, informing them of offers that match their shopping interests.

92% of consumers are more inclined to purchase from a company that uses social media channels.

But those are just numbers. Here’s how you use them.

  • Technology makes showrooming easy for price-sensitive shoppers. Ensure you’re tweeting and posting your deals to Facebook to entice passive online shoppers. And when you see a shopper buried in her smartphone screen, politely ask if you can assist, potentially turning the conversation into a sale and deeper relationship.

  • Consumers will increasingly participate in programs such as AT&T Alerts. The beta program texts deals based on a shopper’s location, all without running up texting charges on shoppers’ cellphone bills. If shoppers are OK with this, they will likely welcome getting Twitter direct messages from you with a coupon code for your store.

  • What else can you do to ensure they follow you on Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook where you post your offers daily? Make sure signage promoting your social outlets greets them at the store’s entrance, right next to your sales flier.

  • Who would have thought that having a social media profile for your business actually makes it more trustworthy? Some 92 percent of consumers are more likely to purchase if you’re on social media. Convinced? Even if you are, do you use your channels regularly each day? Aim for five to eight tweets, one Facebook post and a handful of Pinterest pins to get started.

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