BioGin Builds Additional Two Production Lines for Flaxseed Extract

Chengdu, China, Aug.29, 2007-- In order to keep pace with market trends and new market orientation, Biogin has announced that it has enlarged its production capacity for producing flax lignans, with the addition of two new production lines to suit the new competitive environment.

With the steady development of the Flaxseed Extract market, the demand for the company's SDG has become larger over the last six months. Many customers and investors have detected the high-speed growth of Flaxseed Extract, and many people have continued to attach importance to participating in this category.

Therefore, Biogin is planning to set up another two new production lines,for meeting the needs of the market. In order to take these steps, Biogin conducted market investigation, and engaged in dialogue with old, new, and potential clients.

Some time ago, Biogin had announced related news on the strong antioxidant activity and water-solubility of its AlaLife flax lignans. According to the company, the ORAC value of its AlaLife Flax lignans 40%SDG was nearly 7000μmole TE/g, almost equal to some well-known strong antioxidant products, such as the extracts of bilberry and grape. Moreover, AlalifeTM Flax lignans are mainly extracted by water, not only to retain its taste and safety profile, (there is no residue of acetone and other organic solvents), but also to keep its 100% water solubility.

Alalife is the brand of BioGin’s standardized flaxseed extract, including flax lignans, flax oil, flax gum and powder.

BioGin, is a leading manufacturer in the research, development, manufacture and marketing of Standardized Herbal Extracts, Food Additives and Pharmaceutical Intermediate for the Pharmaceutical, OTC, Dietary Supplement, and the Functional Food Industries worldwide.

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