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Cure diabesity with Super Bows diet
A superfood combination — made up of Neopuntia cactus fibre, Plus fort Barrious mushroom chitosan, Neofiber insoluble fibre, Phase 2 white kidney bean and Coleus forskohlii extract — was shown to benefit people trying to contend with obesity caused by high intakes of fats and sugar. The 8-week human intake test showed a good safety profile.
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To serve and protect: i-flex
DSM's Nutritional Products' i-flex joint-health supplement demonstrates protective and even regenerative effects on human cartilage cells in vitro. Derived from a unique rosehip powder, the ingredient houses anti-inflammatory and antioxidative processes that lead to positive effects on joint health.
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No bones about it: TruCal works
Glanbia Nutritionals' TruCal milk mineral complex from a natural dairy source is good for bones. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomised trial, researchers found that taking TruCal before moderate-intensity exercise significantly reduced exercise-associated bone resorption, a condition that may lead to bone fragility.
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Aquamin ups calcium in dairy
GTC Nutrition, a business unit of Corn Products International, Inc., has announced that independent sensory tests have shown that Aquamin calcified mineral source can be used to boost the calcium content in a range of dairy applications without impacting the taste or texture of final products.
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