Functional Ingredients Industry Chatter

Stephen Sinatra, MDNutraceuticals on track
"Traditional doctors right now are so ripe for nutraceuticals because they too are questioning the studies and practices of Big Pharma. … If we do our research, stay grounded, do the right thing, speak from controlled trials just like the pharmaceutical world does it, we'll do enormous good for humanity."

— Stephen Sinatra, MD

Biofuels no boogeyman
"Biofuels are needed to combat climate change and secure food supplies and should not be used as a scapegoat for higher food prices."

— Mariann Fischer Boel, EU commissioner for agriculture and rural development

European fights
"We are regularly seeing companies taking court action against national authorities for preventing their products access to a specific market, or submitting their complaints on this to the European Commission."

— Peter van Doorn, chairman of the European Federation of Associations of Health Product Manufacturers on free trade for supplements suppliers in the EU

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