Industry quotes of the month

How do you really feel?
"The faceless bureaucrats that develop European food laws are a bunch of paranoid, namby pamby, anti-American, sycophantic, morbidly fearful, gutless fools who are trying to exert fascist control over the European market."

— Jarrow Rogovin, founder, California-based supplements manufacturer Jarrow Formulas

Robert OrrOmega-3s grow legs
"People ask what happens when omega-3s become a commodity. That's what we want. They should be in every food. This is not a boom-bust fad because there is so much science that shows how important it is to good health."

— Robert Orr, president, Ocean Nutrition Canada

Better… and better
"We now have over 500 products in the US that meet the Sensible Solution ('better-for-you') standards. These account for over one third of our US sales, and are growing two to three times faster than the rest of our products."

— Lance Friedmann, Kraft's senior vice president of global health and wellness and new category development, told to

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