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KGK Ingredient Effective in Glycemic Control Tests

Two studies recently published by the Journal of Functional Foods, sponsored by KGK Synergize Inc., (KGK) evaluated the safety and efficacy of Diabetionol™, a proprietary ingredient, in both an in vivo and a human clinical study. The results of the in vivo study demonstrated that Diabetinol™ did not produce any adverse effects in a fructose-induced hamster model and showed improvement in blood glucose, insulin, cholesterol and triglycerides.

In a human clinical study conducted by SIBR Research Inc., located in Florida, it was demonstrated that the use of Diabetinol™ over a three-month period, was safe and effective in significantly reducing glucose intolerance in subjects with impaired fasting glucose (IFG), who were also taking oral medication. Diabetinol™ significantly reduced total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and decreasing trends in HbA1c were also observed. The data suggests that Diabetinol™ as a natural food product may have protective effects in individuals with a combined IFG and hyperlipidemia. Dr. Mal Evans, KGK’s Scientific Director stated, “This study has demonstrated an important role for Diabetinol™ as a novel ingredient in glycemic control. Diabetinol™ may aid in the management of risk factors in subjects with IFG who are taking oral medication, two very exciting discoveries!”

The increase in type II diabetes is a major health problem associated with complications that affect all age groups (Canadian Diabetes Association, 2008). The World Health Organization (2006) statistics have estimated 246 million people worldwide to be affected by diabetes. The incidence rates are at a further 7 million people developing diabetes each year, resulting in an estimated 389 million diabetics by 2025 (Zimmet et al., 2001).

About KGK Synergize Inc:

KGK provides contract research services to the health nutrition, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. These services include both pre-clinical and human clinical trials.

In addition to its contract research capabilities, KGK’s Product Development Division brings new and innovative natural health products to the point where they are ready to manufacture and market. These products include Sytrinol®, Diabetionol™ and DermytolTM.

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