New scientific evidence of Svetol’s unique mechanism of action

11 Apr. 2007, BERKEM (Gardonne - FRANCE) – For the first time, the green coffee extract Svetol® has been demonstrated to inhibit glucose-6-phosphatase, explaining its fat burning action.

A recent study was carried out by Bordeaux University (Polyphenol Biotech), designed to elucidate Svetol’s unique mechanism of action. According to this study, Svetol® inhibits the glucose-6-phosphatase (Glc-6-Pase). “We demonstrated for the first time that Svetol®, a unique green coffee bean extract, is able to inhibit the Glc-6-Pase in a significant and competitive manner,” explained Sophie Lafay, Ph.D. in Nutrition and Scientific Director at Berkem. “The in vitro active doses are equivalent to the daily recommended dose of Svetol®,” she added.

Numerous epidemiological studies reported a link between a high consumption of coffee (more than 6-7 cups/day) and a reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes. In vitro and in vivo complementary tests suggested that chlorogenic acids (CGA) – especially 5-caffeoylquinic acid mainly found in green coffee beans – could regulate glucose metabolism. In fact, in vitro studies have shown that pure 5-caffeoylquinic acid inhibits glucose-6-phosphatase (Glc-6-Pase), the hepatic enzyme involved in glucose release from the liver into blood circulation.

However, the mechanism of action of a total extract of green coffee beans has never before been studied. The analytical characterisation of Svetol® allowed the identification of more than 12 different chlorogenic acids – including 5-caffeoylquinic acid – in specific ratios. These results bring to light Svetol’s uniqueness compared to other green coffee extracts.

That’s the reason why Berkem decided to validate Svetol’s activity on Glc-6-Pase. Three concentrations have been tested, equivalent to 157 mg, 315 mg and 472 mg of Svetol® per liter of solution. After incubation with human liver microsomes with or without Svetol®, the ressearchers observed that Svetol® was able to inhibit competitively the Glc-6-Pase, especially its T1 unit, at 315 mg/L and 472 mg/L.

These results are really promising in terms of innovation. Berkem established, for the first time, that Svetol® – a complex ingredient extracted from selected green coffee beans – is able to inhibit the T1 unit of the Glc-6-Pase in human microsomes. These results are primarily linked to the fat burning action of Svetol® demonstrated in a previous clinical study (published work). Indeed, a daily 400 mg supplementation with Svetol® induces a significant reduction in the body mass index (BMI) as well as a significant 4% increase of the lean mass to fat mass ratio.

Successfully launched in Europe, Svetol® is an original active ingredient for weight management. Svetol® is perfectly suited to dietary supplements, and could also achieve high success in a variety of foods, as well as beverages.

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