Upgrade Your Social Media Efforts

Upgrade Your Social Media Efforts

Social media is no longer kids stuff. With over 325,000,000 members on Facebook (50% of whom are over 35 years old) and 44 million Twitter users, most businesses are scrambling to craft effective social media strategies. Although it’s tempting to just throw something out there, keeping a few tips in mind can multiply your results and create synergy between various activities.

Make it viral. In every social media message, incentivize your followers to forward or publicize your messages to others, who, in turn, can do the same. Top incentives include photos, videos, and engaging links. Also, be certain to include an app on all messaging that allows viewers to share your info on their own profiles with a single click.

Integrate it. Build on existing public relations and marketing campaigns. Your social media arm is designed to reach out and grab your followers’ attention, but it’s not intended to provide detailed information. Include a link in every post or tweet to your website or blog so viewers can peruse your offering in greater detail. And make sure that, once they get to your blog or website, there’s something novel and interactive there to keep them involved with your brand.

Enrich the content. The best way to show your followers you appreciate them is to have something to say before you say it. As with press releases, the consuming public is weary of posts and tweets that don’t offer anything interesting, unique or relevant. Before each communication, ask yourself “What tidbit am I providing my visitors that they will find worthwhile and want to pass along?” If there isn’t one, it’s time for a rewrite. In short, think before you tweet.

Jeff Hilton, Partner & Co-Founder
Integrated Marketing Group

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