SternVitamin launches premixes for energy drinks

SternVitamin launches premixes for energy drinks

New combinations of active ingredients on display at FIE include Love Boost energy drinks containing damiana extract powder.  

SternVitamin, an international supplier of customized vitamin and mineral premixes for food, beverages and food supplements, will present new combinations of active ingredients at FIE (Stand 8H30). These include “Love Boost” energy drinks containing plant substances like damiana extract powder, reputed to have a stimulating effect.

“Love boost” drinks
The premix from the SternVit BV series is available in two variants: for women and for men. The mixture for women contains the plant extracts ginseng and damiana and also L-arginine, magnesium and the vitamins B6, B12 and C. Besides damiana and guarana extract, the “stimulator” for men contains the vitamins B1, B6, B12 and C. Plant extracts like damiana and ginseng make trend products particularly attractive and increase their value-added potential. When combined with SternVitamin’s base compounds for energy drinks, they make it possible to create totally new product lines.

Guarana has long been known to have a stimulating effect. In Asia, where it originates, ginseng is regarded as a universal remedy. The root is a classic tonic to combat fatigue and exhaustion. Damiana, on the other hand, is still scarcely known in many countries. The plant’s natural habitat extends from the USA to Argentina.
Customized vitamin premixes
When realizing ideas for new products, SternVitamin cooperates closely with the development departments of its customers. In doing so, the applications technologists give careful consideration to the product parameters and the production process at the customer’s facility. This makes it possible to calculate any loss of activity of the ingredients resulting from manufacture and storage of the end products and compensate for it by slight overdosing.
For the beverage industry it is also extremely important for the micronutrients to be readily soluble. To achieve this, SternVitamin makes use of state-of-the-art technology such as fluid bed drying in the manufacture of the premixes. With the aid of the new fluid bed processor, for example, the company can transform powders with poor solubility into agglomerates with a porous structure that dissolve much more readily in water. The fluid bed processor also permits drying, granulation and coating.


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