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A CBD product label can be a powerful educational tool – retail download

A CBD product label can be a powerful educational tool – retail download
Download this guide to learn about how a CBD product brand label serves to educate retailers and consumers alike.

While consumer awareness of hemp CBD products is on the rise, there remains confusion about CBD. A recent survey from the Consumer Brands Association showed that while more than 60% of Americans have heard about CBD, most are uncertain or mistaken about what it actually is, what it does and whether products made with the ingredient are safe to consume. The need for consumer education is clear.

Balanced Health Botanicals understands this need and has determined that point-of-sale education right on the package could directly address many of the consumer questions and demystify fact from fiction.

Read this download to learn more about the power of education, right on the label, and help your customers make informed decisions about their CBD product purchases.

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