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Digesting the microbiome - eGuide

Digesting the microbiome - eGuide
Learn how weight, mood, skin, dental health and immunity depend on gut health, and how to keep it in good shape, in this eGuide.

By now, you've gotten the message: Keep your resident bacteria healthy and your gut will thank you. For more than a decade, health practitioners have prescribed probiotics alongside antibiotics to fend off the gastrointestinal distress that can result when we wipe out our friendly inner-bugs and let unfriendly ones take hold.

Fermented foods and probiotics have become accepted go-tos for general digestive health, with consumers spending $2.4 billion on probiotic supplements alone in 2018, according to Nutrition Business Journal.

Your weight, mood, skin, dental health, immune system, gut health and more depend on your resident microbial community. Here’s how to keep it healthy.

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