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The next generation of influence - eGuide

The next generation of influence - eGuide
How mission, values and yes, ROI, are driving the future of do-good partnerships.

Now–more than ever–is an exciting time to build a mission-driven brand. Consumers are craving alternatives that are better for their bodies, communities and environments. Natural and organic product sales topped $200 billion in 2017, with an annual growth rate of 6.5 percent. This growing market has ignited a competitive landscape where it takes more than just a great product to stand out. Consumers are also craving information, and what better way to share your message and mission than through the power of trusted health and wellness influencers?

Whether you’re a supplier, manufacturer or retailer (that's right, finished product brands aren't the only ones who should be using influence), your mission and values play a crucial role in differentiating from the competition. Beyond traditional marketing, consider reaching your audience through the voices of people they trust. Enter: Influencer marketing.

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