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Noomato: A cognitive nootropic - white paper

Noomato: A cognitive nootropic - white paper
This white paper presents both a mechanism of action and wider evidence that consumption of a tomato extract containing a bioavailable and dietary source of a key glycolipid is beneficial to enhancing and maintaining healthy cognitive function.

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This white paper by Naturalea presents the science behind Noomato, a key bioactive of a particular class of glycolipids, and the result of a multiyear effort. Research, which includes human clinical trials, examines the effects of Noomato on cognitive function in a variety of studies and is indicated to have a positive impact on cognitive performance.

Applications for this product include:

  • Professional sports athletes and amateurs
  • E-sports athletes
  • Service personnel—military or civilian
  • “Silver age” adults
  • Students
  • Workaholics

Download this white paper to learn more.


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