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Whole-person care needs whole-industry commitments

 Whole-person care needs whole-industry commitments
Download this guide to see how retailers, manufacturers and practitioners are on the cusp of health care change.

What happens when brilliant minds take on the task of tackling the chronic illnesses of our modern time with an integrative approach to root-cause medicine?

The world begins to see results. It is a bold new way of thinking that is making a difference in communities around the country to empower individuals to make long-standing changes in their health.

While the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has $1.2 billion earmarked for healthy lifestyle programming to prevent chronic diseases, it will take more than money to improve collective health. The ideal solution lies in an integrative approach that weaves the medical community, patients and consumers into natural products retailing, dietary supplements manufacturing, compounding pharmacies and community leadership.

Here, we dig into the ways in which an integrative, community-based approach to wellness can ultimately transform how we approach long-term health.

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