PowderPure brings whole-food nutrition to Engredea

PowderPure brings whole-food nutrition to Engredea

Company claims powders are a step above and beyond what is currently available—both in quality and sustainability.

As fast, overly processed food becomes the norm, Food for Health International (FFH) and Columbia PhytoTechnology (CPT) fight back with PowderPure, a brand of pure powders that provide sustainable nutrition, real color and genuine flavor with little to no additives. PowderPure will make appearances at Engredea and Expo West 2013 (March 8 to 10) as well as at Nutracon (March 6 to 7) in Anaheim, Calif., to further promote their premium powders.

Consumer demand for whole-food nutrition continues to grow, and PowderPure is more than prepared to help businesses to meet that demand. “We’re at the forefront of a very exciting movement toward the consumption of whole foods and whole-food products,” said Frank Davis, CEO of FFH. “Our technology is quick, efficient and sustainable and allows us to deliver the original phytonutrients of whole foods for months on end without needing synthetic nutrients or preservatives.” Dr. Kerry Ringer, CSO of CPT, added, “Our powders are not replacements for those of current suppliers but are a step above and beyond what is currently available—not only in quality, but also in sustainability.”

At their home booth at Engredea (Hall A, #486), PowderPure will feature one of their star products, a Brazilian-sourced, organic acerola powder with a naturally occurring vitamin C content of at least 25 percent in every batch. “That’s unheard of for an acerola juice powder,” said Dr. Ringer. “The next closest standard by a competing product is 18 percent—and that’s with added ascorbic acid. PowderPure never boosts vitamin C content with ascorbic acid.”

PowderPure will also make a cameo at Natural Products Expo West (booth #5761), where its sister company Activz will launch a new line of dietary supplements using PowderPure ingredients. PowderPure will also have a presence at Nutracon, where Dr. Ringer will sit as one of three panelists on the segment, “Whole-Food Nutrition: Reductionist Nutrition Is So 20th Century” on Thursday, March 7, at the Anaheim Hilton at 9:45 a.m.


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