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7 ways to improve your charity drive

7 ways to improve your charity drive

Spare change at retail checkout adds up to big money.

The Cause Marketing Forum recently reported just how big: 63 of the largest checkout campaigns raised more than $358 million in 2012.

The organization looked at the biggest of participants to measure the impact of in-store (and online) retail fund-raising campaigns. The top three were eBay Giving Works, the Miracle Balloon Campaign by Walmart and Sam’s Club, and McDonald’s Ronald McDonald House Charities coin collection.

Cause Marketing could only analyze the largest of campaigns, those raising more than $1 million for its America’s Charity Checkout Campaigns report. But that change makes a huge difference in the communities of independent natural foods retailers, which have a grand history of supporting local causes. Jimbo’s...Naturally! is a great example having recently reached $1 million in giving in the San Diego area.

Plan a successful charity program

Whether you have a program in place or want to start a donation drive, these seven tips from Cause Marketing Forum certainly are worth reviewing (and implementing):

1. Select the right partner. To ensure an authentic partnership, there must be a natural fit between nonprofit and corporate brand.  

2. Educate employees. If the people “selling” your campaign don’t buy into the importance of the program, results suffer. Provide support and training to key frontline ambassadors at the register as well as tactics to bolster confidence to make a consumer ask with each transaction.  

3. Create professional materials. Well-designed materials that demonstrate impact can ensure your drive gets attention.

4. Build incentives for customers. Whether it’s offering coupons for future purchase or simply providing a choice of multiple giving levels, consumers are more likely to make a donation if there’s something to entice them to do so.

5. Involve vendors to build a total store event. Some of the most powerful programs leverage key vendors so that the promotion becomes more visible throughout the entire store and prepares the customer for an ask upon checkout.

6. Analyze the data. Examine campaign analytics daily to proactively identify challenges or replicate wins.

7. Recognize and thank. Provide campaign results to employees and consumers after the conclusion of the campaign for a comprehensive experience. 

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