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Appealing to budget shoppers: Whole Foods gets the message

While customers looking to cut costs might consider skipping a trip to the natural products store, Whole Foods is launching a new initiative to draw them in. Targeting thrifty shoppers, such as college students and providers for large families, Whole Foods is introducing product discounts, coupons and tips. The company’s Web site calls for customers’ buying tips and low-cost recipes, offering $25 gift cards for submissions selected for its blog. One idea I think is great—and anyone can do this—is to hand out budget recipes. Whole Foods has gathered a collection of meals for four for under $15. Or, even better, build a display with all the ingredients for a cash-saving recipe. Since natural products stores often get associated with expensive, specialty items, show shoppers how to stretch their food dollars in your store. Ask shoppers to share their own budget recipes, or even hold a contest.

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